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Careers for English Letters Graduate

Language Assistant

A language assistant is somebody who helps somebody else in language services. Tour guide, editor, news anchor, PR are the examples of Language Assistant. With the knowledge and skill of English linguistics, literature, and culture for board scopes of usage, the dept is ready to shape you into a fine Language Assistant.

Business Communicator

A business communicator is somebody who assists two or more businessmen in their business communication so that they might reach a mutual deal.

In speaking classes, you will learn Public Speaking and Speaking for Formal Settings in which English for business is one of the orientations.


For you fond of finding equivalences from English to bahasa Indonesia or vice versa, cherish! The dept has a complete set of translation courses from translation, interpreting, subtitling, dubbing, voice-over, video game and web localization readying you to face the world of translation.


Ranging from fiction to factual writings,  the dept prepares you to be a good author through formal and creative writings.

Blended with cultural, literary, and linguistic insights, the pieces you are writing on will even amaze yourself.

Public Speaker

Public Speaker builds a bridge of communication between the company s/he is working at and the public and thus, a good command of public speaking is of necessity. 

In the dept, Public Speaking is not only designed as a calssroom activity but as a real linguistic experience in the real life.

Research Assistant

Boost your scientific curiosity on linguistics, literature, and translation  by becoming a research assistant!

The lecturers in the dept always take the hands of the students to allow them experience the heart-beating process of their researches.

English Edupreneur 

English Letters' students excel those of English education in terms of deeper knowledge and skill on linguistics and literature enabling you to perform your Englishness better. Departing from this excellence, you could be an English Edupreneur by opening English courses and services.

In the dept, we are having a partnership with Kampung Inggris Solo which is open anytime to share their experience in English Edupreneur. Or you can be a technopreneur in digital creative writing.

Digital creative writing like digital and visual novel writing in game format is synonymous with our dept.

You will have no longer ask a programmer to realize your ideas on English digital creative writing as the dept will grant you the knowledge and skills. You can sell your proudtcs to Google Playstore, Apple iOS, and any other stores. The good news is the dept has an alumni account for you to make it happen. Furthermore, the dept is in a cooperation with I After Smile game Studio and Kedawung Inc.

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