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Teaching Staff


Dr. Hj. Lilik Untari, S.Pd., M.A

The lady is famous for her researches on the English language acquisition of the visually impaired and the hard of hearing. She was the head of the team designing MAKTUM, a speech recognition app designed for the visually impaired with individualized pronunciation system.


Dr. Muhammad Zainal Muttaqien, S.S., M.Hum

This internet activist devotes his academic life to research English writing teaching. One of his collaborative works concerning on writing is SAGA, software to assist students in APA style quotation.


Dr. Kurniawan, SS, M.Hum.

This businessman looking figure is academically keen on neurolinguistics. This interest of his disappoints him not as he successfully obtains a NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) certificate.


SF. Lukfianka Sanjaya, S.S., M.A

This man widely known as 'J' has a unique combination of expertise: computer programming and American Studies. From his creative hands, some software, apps, and templates were born. A compilation of game templates, recently labelled M.A.G.E (Making Awesome Game Effortlessly), has assisted the department in digital creative writing for seven years to date.


Fathkunaimah Rhina Zuliani, M.Hum.

Cultural studies, traveling, and photography are what define her. She expressed these interests on her collaborative book 'Introduction to Cross Cultural Understanding'


Robith Khoiril Umam, M.Hum.

He is the newest entry in English Letters with an old curiosity on English reading skill development technology for the non native speakers. This curiosity of his is triggering him to design a template to hike the interest of the students in the reading skill.

IMG_20210825_184502 (1).jpg

Wildi Adila, S.Pd, M.A.

Born as a millennial, the man desires to bridge the gap between linguistics and business in the creative industry through marketing. He's determined to employ his solid background in applied linguistics to investigate how colloquial language and localization are adapted in today's modern digital marketing – brand and product naming, slogans, tagline, copywriting, etc.

Dr. SF. Luthfie Arguby Purnomo, SS., M.H

Dr. SF. Luthfie Arguby Purnomo, S. S., M. Hum

Drama and Audiovisual Translation have been his interest for years. Along with other members of the department, he has designed some software and template. One of the mostly utilized template in IAIN Surakarta and schools in Greater Solo, IZAHIME (Quiz Based Fighting Game Maker), was his design.


Umi Pujiyanti, S.S,. M.Hum., 




Interpreting is what could describe her well. Her enthusiasm in interpreting is perceivable from her attractive and realist methods in hosting her interpreting class.

Nur Asiyah, M.A.jpg

Dr. Nur Asiyah, M.A

Being the scholar of American Studies and Islamic Studies, this lady attempts to bridge those two different realms. Her community services revolving around the two themes has gained her academic fame.

Hidayatul Nurjanah, M.A.jpg

Hidayatul Nurjanah, M.A


More known as 'Daya', she like to make a pun of her name to become 'Bu Daya' (Miss Daya) that sounds like 'budaya' (culture). This lady have a big passione on America Literature and have read many books.

Yustin Sartika, S.S., M.A.jpg

Yustin Sartika, S.S., M.A


This tenth member of English Letters Dept is the second woman specialized on American literature. Her great interests in American poetic, dramatic, and prosaic works revolve not only on theoretical basis but also practical basis. Her Literature and Entrepreneurship class always readies to encourage students to plunge into the world of literary entrepreneurship.

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-30 at 10.55_edited.jpg

Shabrina An Adzhani, M. A.


Started teaching in UIN Surakarta during Pandemic, she believes what does not kill you makes you stronger. 

About Us

Youthful spirit. That is the phrase perfectly describing the lecturers of English Letters Department IAIN Surakarta hailing mostly from young age.  


This youthful spirit is a catalyst for the positive energy of creativity. Departing from this youthful spirit, English Letters re-visionize themselves as the center of language based creative industry under the light of Islamic values in Greater Solo in 2019.


Holding onto this youthful spirit, English Letters formulated a slogan, RISE (Religious, Innovative, Scientific, and Entertaining). This youthful spirit embodied slogan is implemented on every aspect of academic life in the campus from which the students are expected to posses the spirit as well.





















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