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VELVET 2019: Full of New Things & Surprise!

MEDIA-One of the annual events of English Letters, VELVET, is giving us many surprises this year. Many new things happen in VELVET 2019 like Guest Lecture with key speakers from India, Coaching Clinic that different from last year, and a talk show. Of course, this event was a success due to the hard work of the committee who worked behind the scenes. The chief executive of VELVET 2019 is Latifah Almaratu Sholikah, who is a fifth-semester student and member of the Association of English Letters. For all committee of VELVET 2019, thank you for your hard work! Well done!

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A Poem for Habibie
(Puisi untuk Habibie)

Puisi untuk Habibie
oleh Riana Dwi Rahayu

Malam meneguk tiap-tiap wajah sepi
Berdimensi sunyi
Lantas membumbui tulang hati
Pelan, kubaca helai demi helai kisah seorang dirgantara negeri
Sembari menganggukkan kepala secara pasti
Aku paham. Benar-benar paham
Segala akan muram bila terjaring suatu buram
Hingga terdengar kabar, 
Membuat jantung semakin detak merajam
Pun seekor serangga kecil yang menikam turut diam
Wajah kusut hanya merajalela
Menjadi dialog pada ruang cakrawala
Dan air mata berjalan penuh dengan manja
Aku pengap!
Sesak jantungku seolah tiada untuk tegap
Retak sudah nafsuku dari bacaan
Aku ingin pulang! Aku ingin tenang!
Namun, percuma
Napas seolah tersengal
Ilusiku ternyata benar gagal!
Negeri seolah dijegal
Mendengar kabar seorang dirgantara hebat telah berpulang
Kau tahu, malam apa yang menyesakkan kala itu?
Malam di mana mimpiku untuk bertemu terluka 
Penuh jarum-jarum kalbu
Gigil tubuhku meraja jadi satu
Dan kutulis puisi cinta untuk Habibie ku di surat temu pada nisanku

Surakarta, 11 September 2019

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Workshop ‘Pengembangan Media Digital’ for Students’ Digital Portfolio

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MEDIA—Friday, 06th September 2019, The Creative Media Unit of the Cultures and Language Faculty of IAIN Surakarta held a workshop specifically for students of the fifth semester of the Cultures and Language Faculty. This event was held in the 4th Floor Hall of the Cultures and Language Faculty Building with a total of nearly 400 students from five departments in the Cultures and Language Faculty. Mohammad Romdhoni Prakoso, S.Pd, M.Pd.  or more known as Mr. Dhoni, a lecture of IAIN Surakarta was invited to be a keynote speaker of this workshop. There were also 15 facilitators who were ready to help Mr. Dhoni and the 400 students. This workshop also attended by some Cultures and Languages Faculty’s lectures; they are Mr. SF. Lukfianka Sanjaya, S.S, M.Hum.,  Mr. Robith Khoiril Umam, S.S, M.Hum.,  and Mrs. Fitriana Ika Dewi, M.Hum.

On this occasion, as the person in charge of the Creative Media Unit, Mr. SF. Lukfianka Sanjaya, S.S, M.Hum., gave his speech which mentioned that this workshop was aimed to introduce to students an application that can hold the entire work of students as a form of a digital portfolio, which will be very useful for finding jobs after they graduate. Furthermore, this application also can be the way for them to earn money, by uploading it on the Google Play Store using an account owned by the Cultures and Languages Faculty.

There were two tools used for this workshop, and both are digital, following the times that are already full of creative industries. These tools are Google Sites and Thunkable Classic. First, Google Sites is an application from Google for making a website. Here, Mr. Dhoni explained in detail about Google Sites, starting from the advantages until its disadvantages. He also shared aspects that compared Google Sites with other website-making sites such as Blogspot, WordPress, or Wix. Not only that, Google Sites also has some potential for students, such as: stay up to date, develop creativity, develop life skills, and form digital portfolios—like what Mr. Lukfianka said. How to use Google Sites is also fairly easy, simple and completely instant. So, almost all students can follow all the explanations of Mr. Dhoni easily, together with the facilitators' assistance.

Second, Thunkable Classic is a tool that enables anyone to create beautiful and powerful mobile apps. To create an application using Thunkable Classic, only needed the URL from the Google Sites website that was previously been made. The steps given by Mr. Dhoni on the use of Thunkable is very easy to understand and simple, in less than one day all students who attend this workshop also managed to have a beautiful website complete with its application.

At the end of the workshop, Mr. Lukfianka informed the students that they needed to collect the URL of their Google sites and the applications they had made through the facilitators who had been their assistants. After they collect the URL for Google sites and applications, they will get a certificate that can help them for graduation later. The workshop has gone well and most of the students feel worthy to come to this opportunity.

Junk Food Brings Diseases

MEDIA-We are very familiar with the term of “junk food”, commonly is known by many people as fast food or instant food. It is easily found in various places around our home or town. Most of people like consuming junk food, and they can not avoid to consume it in everyday life because the taste is tasty and practical. However, I believe that junk food is not good to consume. It only contains a little nutrient or even no nutrient at all. Whereas our body need sufficient nutrient. Consuming junk food in long-term or too often will bring deseases to our body. There are some facts about junk food that I know.


The first, it has high sugar content. For example, chocolate, soda, biscuit, ice cream and many more. Everyone likes sweet taste, but sugar has its own disadvantages like too much sugar can trigger a lot of tooth problems like toothache. In addition, people could suffer from diabetes.


The second, it contains high salt. Not surprisingly, many children and adolescents today are experiencing high blood pressure or hypertension at a young age. Junk food that contains high salt namely, potato chips, Taro, instant noodle, etc.


The third, junk food also contains high fat. If we consume junk food too often we will gain overweight and then leading to obesity. It also can trigger many problems related to the heart.


Based on the facts about junk food above, it is very clear that actually junk food is not good for our health. Actually, we are allowed to consume junk food. But, don’t consume it too often or we better avoid it because we know that junk food only has a little nutrient for our body and brings some diseases.

Written by Nining Furwati

Patriotic Hot Dog
Meat Burger and Chips
Snack Food

Cold Water Help Your Diet


MEDIA-Everyone dreams for having a perfect body shape. Many people try some strategies to lose their weight, so having a perfect body shape will be released. Some medical experts recommend drinking fresh water. Freshwater is believed to facilitate the digestive system, rejuvenate the skin, keeping the body hydrated, and also become a source of energy for our body.

Then, most people have assumptions that drinking ice water is believed to increase the body's metabolism so that it can help to lose weight. Research reveals that consuming ice water regularly can increase metabolism and make the stomach more full. When consuming ice water, our body's organs will burn extra calories to warm up the liquid that enters the body. Time by the time-consuming ice water can help to lose our weight, nevertheless, we should do our diet not only by consuming ice water but also by doing exercise regularly.

Noted: We cannot add sugar or the other ingredients into the ice water. The water should be natural ice water.


MEDIA-Are you have cell phone addiction? Are you the type of person who is anxious if you forget to bring your cell phone when going out of the house? Every day, new technology is growing rapidly and in this era cell phones have evolved dramatically as their use has increased. Cell phones have become a very important part of people’s daily lives. Cell phones can be categorized into four parts, they are a smartphone, camera phone, music phone, and basic phone. All of these types have their own function. To all average people, especially people use the cell phone for about nine hours in a day. It has shown that they have been addicted to the use of cell phones. So, if they have been addicted to them, they will get some negative impacts because they are too often using cell phones. Addiction and a huge reliance on cell phones carry some risks on human development and health. The risk can include emotional, physical, and psychological.


The first impact of a cell phone is they will totally be addicted to texting, excess messaging can lead to Teen Tendonitis (TTT). It can cause pain in the hands, back, and neck due to poor posture. TTT can also lead to impaired vision and even arthritis. The second impact, a cell phone will make you become stress. Having a cell phone will tempt you to spend all day talking and texting with your friends in social media or anything else, instead of doing anything productive. Based on research people who spend too much of their time with cell phones are more prone to stress and fatigue, and sometimes it can lead to psychological disorders. The next, mobile phones lead to a lot of accidents. Many people drive or walk on the road while texting or talking on mobile phones. There is a high risk of an accident if they are talking on a mobile phone and driving as they are driving their half attention to mobile phone and are having half attention on the road. They talk and text on a mobile phone without realizing that it can cost their lives. Too often in using a cell phone can cause a risk of cancer. Research shows that electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones get absorbed in the tissues when we hold the phone for longer times. Especially for teen, their nervous system is still developing and have a greater risk of developing brain cancer from mobile phones than the adult.

Actually, it is great to be part of the growing technological world, and everyone should enjoy its benefits. Nevertheless, every technology that provides such benefits come with a consequent too. It includes a cell phone, a cell phone provides benefits for its user, but they also have some negative impact as the consequent. So, to avoid the risks caused by the cell phone, we should to be wise and careful on using it.


Student Should Eat Breakfast Everyday


MEDIA-Are you one of the students who are lazy to have breakfast? Breakfast is an important thing for the student to study and do their activities. Breakfast has become a necessity for students, but until now there are still many people especially the student who ignore breakfast. Even though, breakfast is good for our physical and psychological health.


The first advantage that we will get on having breakfast is a healthy breakfast can increase concentration and memory of children. A healthy breakfast that contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and fiber, and enough water will help increase concentration and memory. So that children will be able to reach their achievements because they can absorb all the lessons in school. When children eat breakfast, the brain will get nutritional intake. Then, if the brain has received food and nutritional intake, the brain gets a signal that the body is ready to start activities. The brain will wake up the system in the body and begin the metabolic process to carry out activities throughout the day. Moreover, the research conducted by Pergizi Pangan Indonesia says that consumption of healthy breakfast plays a big role for students due to it can increase enthusiasm, prevent fatigue, increase concentration during learning to help in improving academic achievement, and keep the immune system.

The second, breakfast can provide the nutrients that are needed by the body. Research shows that people will fulfill their nutritional needs as a whole, both fiber, calcium, and vitamins that are needed by the body. Professor of The Nutrition Department of The Faculty (IPB) and also the general chair of Indonesian Food Nutrition Prof. Hardinsyah said that having breakfast before 9 a. m can meet 15-30% of daily nutritional needs as part of balanced nutrition for a healthy life, fit, active, and smart. Students who do not have breakfast will make the body's daily nutrition become difficult to fulfill. On 2010, based on the results of basic health research, data showed that as a result of not having breakfast, as much as 44.54% of children had problems with micronutrient deficiencies, such as vitamin and minerals. Whereas micronutrient deficiencies is a serious problem to overcome.

The third, breakfast can control body weight and diet. Many people think that not having breakfast can reduce calorie intake. In fact, several studies have shown that people who always take the time to eat breakfast, their weight are rarely to increase. As reported by the BBC, the results of monitoring of obese women showed that people who spent half of their daily calorie rations at breakfast achieved more satisfying results than their friends who did not get calories at breakfast. Besides being useful for increasing energy, a healthy breakfast will also reduce excessive hunger during the day. People who are used to breakfast also usually have a healthy lifestyle where they can choose food better and can compensate for it with exercise. So, breakfast can be the beginning of a good diet.

So it is extremely true if breakfast is good for physical and psychological health, therefore that is why breakfast is very important and everyday students should eat breakfast.

Drop The Mic! English Letters Students to be Professional MC!

MEDIA-As a social creature, people do communicate with each other in order to achieve their purpose; either it is to persuade or to inform something. However, communication is not as easy as it looks. People sometimes get confused in arranging the proper sentence to be delivered or they don’t feel confident in telling their opinion. Therefore, public speaking is one of the essential skills that everyone should have, especially students of English letters who will be working with groups of people.

Since public speaking is necessary, the English Department has held a seminar under the theme: Drop the Mic! Master of Ceremony from A – Z! The aim of holding the seminar is to enhance student’s enthusiast in practicing public speaking, specifically in leading an event as Master of Ceremony. Albertus Agung Yuwono, a professional MC, was invited to be the keynote speaker of this event. In the seminar, he explained the theories and techniques related to MC skills and the participants, who are the 4th-semester students, looked so excited to the way he delivers the material. He started with a warming-up session to “wake them up” and then began to do some opening statements about the topic. He delivered the whole session in English and only a bit Indonesian but still, the words he uses was easy to be understood.

Mr. Albert told the participants that actually public speaking skill is not only needed in leading an event as an MC but in the other work-fields too, for example: teacher, motivator, storyteller, and even president. However, the topic focused on the MC guides and how to prepare ourselves to be a good event leader. It was told that the theme Drop the Mic! does not mean literally dropping the microphone but to be a professional MC, so that the MC will not tremble during the event leading. Drop the microphone means to relax and confident, so that the words flow from the MC’s mouth naturally and sometimes improves spontaneously.

At the end of the seminar, there was a QnA session and most of the questioners asked about how to avoid feeling nervous or how to be confident in front of the public. He then told us some additional tips related to the questions.

The seminar has gone well and most of the students felt worthy to come to this opportunity. After the seminar ended, the committee had a short interview with Mr. Albert. According to him, this event was beneficial and also a good investment to improve speaking skill. He was happy and excited to be the keynote speaker. Mr. Albert hopes that next year, there will be other MC’s from bigger city with more experiences so the English letters’ students can figure out something new and better.

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Mr. Albert told the participants that actually public speaking skill is not only needed in leading an event as an MC but in the other work-fields too, for example: teacher, motivator, storyteller, and even president. However, the topic focused on the MC guides and how to prepare ourselves to be a good event leader. It was told that the theme Drop the Mic! does not mean literally dropping the microphone but to be a professional MC, so that the MC will not tremble during the event leading. Drop the microphone means to relax and confident, so that the words flow from the MC’s mouth naturally and sometimes improves spontaneously.

The Annual Competition of English Students (ACES)

MEDIA-ACES (Annual competition of English Students) is a great annual event of English Letters major. ACES is held in the 4th floor of Cultures and Languages Faculty building, ACES provides some events like the previous years, but this year and the events that are provided by ACES also a little bit different than the years before.

The first event that is provided by ACES 2019 is G-Maps Description Competitions that is participated by English Letters Students from 2nd Semester, and English Broadcasting Competitions Event that is participated by English Letters Students from 4th Semester. Those competitions are held for the first time in ACES. The selection of those competitions for becoming winners is selected by lecturers who teach that lessons. They will choose three works of those students which are the best from each subject.

The second event is  PREPOSITION (Pre Proposal Seminar Prepositions). This event is also new, this PREPOSITION is participated by Eglish Letters Students from the 6th Semester. The presentation is presented by students based on their mainstream. The aim of PREPOSITION is to improve their confidence in speaking in front of a lot of audiences so that if they face the real Proposal Seminar Prepositions, they have had an illustration to prepare their seminar to be better.

And the last is a seminar with the theme “Drop The Mic! Master of Ceremony from A to Z” that is delivered by Mr. Albertus Agung Yowono. This theme is different from the previous years, and the audiences are so excited to join that seminar. They are so enthusiastic about joining in every single presentation and game that are given by the speakers. This seminar with that theme does not mean that we have to drop our mic when we become  Master of Ceremony, but it means to give some steps to the audiences for becoming a professional Master of Ceremony.

ACES 2019 is an annual event that is held by English Letters Students. The event is great since it provides some events that are new and different from the previous ACES in previous years. The events that are included in ACES help students, and all the participants of those events improve their skill in many cases.

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Sembukan Beach on Paranggupito

MEDIA-One of the most beautiful places in this world is the beach. Beach an area of sand or small stones near the sea or another area of water such as a lake. There are many things that can find on the beach such as boardwalk, shore, coast, tide pool, waves, driftwood, conch shell, and so on. After all, a beach is a great place to relax and have a good time with friends or family.

Not many people know that there are many beautiful beaches in Central Java, people just know about some beautiful beaches on Yogyakarta like Parangtritis Beach. One of the beautiful beaches in Central Java is Sembukan Beach. It is located in Paranggupito Village in Paranggupito District, Wonogiri Regency of Central Java that placed around 40 kilometers from Wonogiri City. It is remote, but accessible by motorcycle or car. For entering the beach, the tourists only need to pay a ticket with the price of about 5000 IDR for each person before they can enjoy the beautiful scenery that Sembukan Beach has. There are about three hills near the beach that can be used as a place for viewing and capture photos. In addition, access to these three hills is very good. So it's very easy for tourists to walk up there. On every hill, there are a mosque, a paseban, and a sanggar that built for an additional facility for tourists. Sembukan beach is also usually used to do a ritual by certain people. They usually do that ritual in the night of 1 syura (Islamic calendar) or on Thursday night.

There are some strong large corals and many sharps small corals on the shoreline, so it is really dangerous for swimming there. In addition, the waves are also very large and sometimes it brings driftwood that could hurt the tourist. After the tourist satisfied exploring the beach and suddenly feeling hungry, they don't need to worry about food because there are already small food stalls around the beach that sell various types of food and drinks with good facilities. While eating, the tourist also can enjoy the scenery of Sembukan Beach from the stalls and hear the sound of the wave that crashing into the corals. That would be a sight that can never be forgotten.

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