The Right News on the Write Place 
EMILY 2014/2015 Final Meeting
18 February 2016

What were they discussing? Check it here!

20 January 2016
(Technology Upgrading for the Novelty of Education)

What technology did the lecturers learn? Peek it here! 

22 February 2016
MAKTUM Designer Team on the News

What's so hot about their innovation? Read it here!

10 February 2016
English Letters Student Goes to
Aussie and Japan

Who will hit the Cultural Festival in Canberra and Tokyo? Hit it here!

14 March 2016
Three Studium, One ANGEL
What were EMILY Student Guild working on this time?
See it here!
15 March 2016
TENTACLE's Shehrazat: Lunar Rhapsody is on the news!
How's their show?
Read it here!
16 March 2016
English Letters Student's Digital Creative Writing is on the news!
What is it? Read it here!
24 March 2016
SPARRING-Instructor Briefing
What are they discussing for the upcoming SPARRING?
Get it here! 
9 April 2016
Siti Kurniati Rasyad claims the throne! 
What was happening in IAIN Surakarta Commencement XXXII ? Read it here!
9 April 2016
Siti Kurniati Rasyad claims the throne! 
What was happening in IAIN Surakarta Commencement XXXII ? Read it here!
16 April 2016
FAIRY TALE X promotional sessions commence
What drew the crowd to E Lobby? Read it here!
16 April 2016
That Top Scorer is an English Letters Guy!
What is the result of Billingual Mentor Selection in FITK? Read it here!
23 April 2016
English Letters students direct FAIRY TALE X-Teaser Filming!
Who were they? What did they do? Grab it here!
26 May 2016
FAIRY TALE X is on the news!
What titles will they put on stage? Peek it here!
1-2 June 2016
English Letters 2013 learn how to short-story 
What did they learn? Read it here!
4 June 2016
#ProjectYue commences!
What will the collaboration between English Letters lecturers and students result in? Sate yourself here!
4 June 2016
FAIRY TALE X Award Night! 
Did English Letters win the awards? Hit it here!
6 June 2016
#ProjectYue is on the news! Read yourself here!
20 July 2016
ACES is on the news!
Hit it here!
22 July 2016
Who won the English competitions in ACES 2016?
Kill your curiosity here!
25 July 2016
English Letters #13 learn to digitalize their short stories!
Sate your curiosity here!
08 August 2016
English Letters #13 set themselves for TOEFL!
Read it here!
22 August 2016
Community service in Rumah Baca Tirai Ilmu starts!
Be inspired here!
27 August 2016
Community service in Rumah Baca Tirai Ilmu is on the news!
Be inspired here!
07 September 2016
Community service in Rumah Baca Tirai Ilmu is on the news (again)!
Be inspired here!
08 October 2016
The dept's best graduate is a Shakespeare's fan and an illustrator!
Be inspired here!
10 September 2016
Yue Episode 2: a Lie so Beautiful commences!
Click it here!
1 November 2016
VELVET is fast approaching!
Get it here!
21 November 2016
English Letters on IP!
Digest it here!
11 December 2016
Sastra's digital works are IP-ed!
Cherish it here!
21 December 2016
IARC Certificates for Sastra's digital product!
Cheer it here!
27 November 2016
Tentacle and Sastra Inggris were invited to play a drama in Solo Tourism Fair!
Read it here!
7 December 2016
Tentacle plays in Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah!
Celebrate it here!
15 January 2017
Sastra Inggris' Advergame 'Sastratsuki' is officially under development! 
Learn it here!
14 February 2017
Hashtag-based assignment to boost Sastra Inggris' reach!
Check it here!
30 March 2017
FITK holds Career Development Planning! Sastra Inggris' graduates are there!
Read it here!
08 April 2017
Happy Commencement Day, Grads!
Rejoice it here!
21 April 2017
2014's students learn how to write a story for a digital publication!
Read it here!
08 April 2017
She is the dept's best graduate a and that famous 'Valkyrie'
Rejoice it here!
11 May 2017
Hold your breath! FAIRY TALE XI is here!
Rejoice it here!
3 June 2017
Sastra Inggris IAIN Surakarta is a national champ on short movie competition!
Celebrate it here!
13 July 2017
Grad-wannabes do their career planning with Happina Project!
Read it here!
2 August 2017
Accreditation day!
Peek it here!
28 September 2017
Literatroops did it again!
Cheer it here!
5 October 2017
We've got A!
Celebrate it here!

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