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SASTRATSUKI-Nineteen lecturers of English Letters with laptops and notes in their hands braced themselves to embrace a fresh from the oven instructional technology in PGMI Lab. They attended the so-called TUNNEL (Technology Upgrading for the Novelty of Education). Lilik Untari, the head of English Letters, said that TUNNEL would be a binnual agenda for the lecturers before they engaged in the classroom. She added that the event would always be set right before a new semester started so the lecturers were expected to have some time to prepare their technology before implementing it in the classroom.  The host for this 1st TUNNEL was SF. Lukfianka Sanjaya Purnama or often hailed as Pak J. He shared his self-made template based software called Livin Maker 2 to the lecturers. Using the software, the lecturers enabled to create visual novel based video games effortlessly. Any subjects were possible to come into a design through the use of Livin Maker 2. (Oyaji) 

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