• Lutfiana Ichwan Setyani

Refrain by Winna Effendi

The author is a great young novel writer who was born in January 6, 1986. She started her career as a journalist in several magazines and electronic media before becoming a famous writer like now. She had written at least ten novels and the last one was published in 2015. Most of her works tells about a story that people may experienced in life like teenager’s problems, friendship, family, etc. But, from the way she wrote is different with other writers and she has her own style in writing novels. The themes of her works are quite simple, but the writing style and the plot are interesting and not boring so that make the messages are delivered to the readers and make them fall deeply into the story. She got some awards because of her works. One of her best seller novel is “Refrain” that published on September 2009. She could write a simple but great story in a book. She gives the story just the way it is and always gives quotes on it so make the readers feel motivated. The novel could catch people eyes so in 2013, this novel was adopted into a movie with the same title.



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