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Review of Laskar Pelangi Novel

The authors who have a lot of work named Andrea Hirata Seman Said Harun. Various works have been on creat, even up in the lift to the musical theater. He continued his education up to college, Bachelor of economis, University of Indonesia, he then went on to study abroad. In fact there are many award that were successfully achieved, such as Aisyiyah award, Paramadina award, Literary award, winner of the equatur of Buch award 2013 (general fiction category), an Honorary Doctor of Letters from University of Warwich 2015. His talent back when he joined the volunteer tsunami. He was then compelled to write the story of struggle of beloved teacher named Mrs. Mus. Through to the end, he wrote a novel which give the title of the “Laskar Pelangi”. Intially he did not plan to publish the writings into a novel, but ultimately the novel published and he get edulation from a range of parties. Then the novel “Laskar Pelangi” in adaptation into a feature film in 2008, directed by the novel by Riri Riza and Mira Lesmana in production by the year 2009.

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