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Jakarta, December, 2016. At night, a middle age man and father feel peace than the previous nights. Seems, he had been passed the denial, anger, bargaining, and depression's phases, then the acceptance's phase begins around.

Gunawan Garnida is 38 years old from Bandung. He focuses on the Handycam's lens in the bedroom. He just bought it and the tripod two days ago. He has been studying to operate it. The importance, he knows where the location recording and stop button. He alters his position on the chair to be comfortable.

It is Itje Garnida, 35 years old, the wife, enters the room. She comes from Bandung: ‘The City of Flowers'.

"Have the children slept, Dear?"

"Done, Kang."

"Ok, I started."

The wife subtlety nods. She sits on the bedside. Gunawan seems hesitant.

"Are you nervous if there is me?" asking her.

"No. It’s Ok!"

Gunawan checks to make sure the timing in December 29th, 1991.

He pushes the ‘REC' button.


January, 1993

The weather this Saturday evening is cooling. Itje carries Cakra, five years old and Satya, eight years old. They enter a room. The children have been crying. They still very sad until two weeks ago. Itje knows that she must be strong for her children. She knows, that now she becomes the only pilot in the plane, called the Garnida's Family. Gunawan, her husband had prepared all of the needed for them. It is something that very smart.

In the room, she had prepared the video player and the TV.

"You sit down, here.

Stop, don't be crying."

"Turn on the TV, Mom"

"I do not want watching TV. I want Daddy." Cakra is crying.

Itje just observes her youngest child. She does not response him. She opens a case. There are hundreds of the video cassettes regularly. It is completed by number and topic. She puts the first cassette video.

She turns on the video player and plays it. Then she seats on the floor, and accompany both of her sons to watch it. For her, it is their first smiles since the father passed away.

December 27th, 1991

Mr. Gunawan on the picture. He seems fresh and cheerful.

"Hi, Satya! Hi, Cakra!" the father waves him a hand.

"This is Daddy."

"Yes, right. This is Daddy."

Daddy just moves in the other place. I am not ill.

Alhamdulillah, thanks to your prayers.

Daddy may not be able to sit and play beside you. But, Daddy wants both of you to grow up with me beside you constantly.

I want to still be able to tell a story to you.

I want to still be able to teach you.

Daddy has been prepared.

When you had a question, you did not need to wonder where you must be looking for the answer.

I don't let death take these, away from us.

I don't give death, a chance.

You may not understand it. At the time, you will understand.

Let us learn.

Let us play.

Daddy is here.

The side of you.

Daddy loves you."

July, 1997.

A hot Saturday afternoon in the dry season, the trotting of two pairs of legs tread on asphalt pavement. It makes dried leaves and plastic waste flew aside. Satya and Cakra are chasing one another and want to be the first to arrive at their home. For both of this teenagers, Saturday afternoon must be spent in their home, although there are many allurements in outside.

There is a compelling reason. Each Saturday afternoon, after Ashar prayer, their mother allows them to watch the new Daddy's video.

For them, it is the best time every week.

Saturday with Daddy.

December, 2004

It is Saturday evening, after Isya' prayer. The weather in Ms. Itje's house feels fresh. January is friendly to the world. Satya and Cakra are growing up. There are many children playing on the outside at Saturday evening, but they are different. Ms. Itje knows her sons so well. They prefer to spend their time in the living room, watching the Daddy's recording.

Long time ago, Ms. Itje had almost heard a belly laugh in this room. Their Daddy had really funny. Sometimes was quite. At the time, Satya came out to the living room and into the bathroom. Ms. Itje held back the tears drop. Satya was stoical person. So, he was not crying.

At other time, Ms. Itje met Cakra, the youngest. He was crying and covered his face with a pillow. He was aware that it was lucky that he was not losing father after passed away. He was longing his father so much. Sometimes, he played the video until morning.

The most of the videos is special for both of them at the same times. There were some videos for both of them at different times, because of their age difference of three years. Children that were 14 years old can't know messages for the teenager that were 17 years old. However, this role had been not occurred. Cakra watched his brother's recording. There was a positive side. Cakra was the adult than his friends that has the same age.

At the evening, it was extremely quite in the living room. Perhaps they were watching a serious message of recording. Ms. Itje approached them slowly and peeped in the threshold. They were tinkering a laptop.

"Are you not hang out this night?”

Both of them looked back.

"No, Mom." Satya was smiling.

"Go ahead ... Likes the children of Mommy's friend.”

"I have hung out with Dewi this afternoon."

"Dewi? Who's again? Yesterday, you're with Mira." Asking her mom confusedly.

Apparently, her son often changing girlfriend than changing clothes.

"Now with Dewi, Mom."

"Oh, you're Saka. Find out a girlfriend there! So, you can be the weekly night."

"No one wants, Mom."

Her mother's forehead was confusing because of her sons. The first likes changing girlfriend, the other there isn't glancing.

"Do you want me to introduce you?"

"Don't Mom."

"What are you doing?"

"We're transferring the Bapak's video into the hard disk."

"Yes, Mom. We can duplicate be three's copies. So, Mommy brings one set of the video. Saka brings one, and me too." Answering the older son.

"For what?"

"In the same day, Kakang will graduate. Perhaps he will move from here. Kakang is able to bring all of the recordings."

September, 2005

Jakarta. ‘Induk semang’ from Satya's boarding. Actually, there does not allow the opposite sex into the room. But, it never makes Satya be afraid. He invites her girlfriend to the chamber constantly after working.

This day is the special day for Satya. He wants to say to the woman that he want to become the serious relationship. He feels that the woman is the only one.

Saturday afternoon, all of them sit down in the Satya's room. The man is opening his laptop. He acquaints the fiancee, to the father.


Ustaz's[1] Players

The first September, 2016. It is the Sunday morning light in residential area Jatipadang, South Jakarta. It is sufficient to make cheerful atmosphere but insufficient to make anyone sweat, except for those accustomed of sweating. Cakra Garinda is just 30 years old, he is in the behind of his homestead. He looks at his new house. The minimize house that has two floors. It is larger the yard than the cellar room. It is the first his house. He is founding and pay by installments himself. His house will be finished in five years. Cakra reenacts what he does. He ties a creeper by an iron frame.

Cakra has grown up become a pretty handsome man. A good godsend had given for him brother, Satya. Cakra has curl hair and gimbals if he is late to cutting hair. He always cutting his hair very short. It is almost cepak[2]. He has an average height. It is really insufficient to join Jejaka[3] competition. His weight is standard, not thin and not fat.

If both of them are life according to physical appearance, Cakra will die quickly.

Ms. Itje's driver, Mr. Dadang was approaching her.

"Here, Kang. I am"

"Let me do by myself. Never mind."

"No, problem, Kang."

"No, I can do this. Now, you have to enter into the room to eating together with others." Cakra is planting the creeper tree.

The old man is nodding respectably. Then, enter the room. Cakra is observing him.

Ms. Itje comes approach him while fixing her veil.

"I felt ashamed, Mom. He always help us such as he was sweeping the yard, washing the car, and so on."

"Saka…" The mother still calling his cognomen. "My driver says thank for us. Because you gave salary to him. You paid for his children to continuing the school. Yesterday, his wife was sick, then you paid for her. It was really clear. He always want to help us."

Cakra is nodding.

"Yes, I think sometimes I need a help."

"Mr. Dadang, this ‘mayat’ is graved, please"

"Okay, Kang. It will be cut into small or shrouded as usual?"

The mother is speechless.

"Kang Saka, this is the ‘tali pocong perawan’. I can take it again if you want.

Kang, this night is full moon. The virgin will be victimized now or tomorrow?” Candra is just ridiculing.

"Waw, my son is crazy man!"


"Ustadz has come in and our family was waiting for us in the room."

"A few minutes, Mom."

"What are doing?"

"This is my new creeper tree, it should be tied so it can grow up. I set the frame for this yesterday."


"I want an arbor house, certainly I plant it start now."

"It is similar with a child. Isn't it?" adding his mother.


"If you want children that climb the shade tree, certainly you must…. Looking for a wife."

Cakra was speechless. His joke was evaporated.

Ms. Itje was speechless also. She knew, this topic made her son felt unpleasant.

[1] Term of address for Islam teacher.

[2] A crew cut that very short.

[3] A young man, bachelor or unmarried youth.

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