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Comparative Fiction Books: Wuthering Heights by Emely Bronte compared to Through A Glass, Darkly by

The tittle of the books are Through A Glass, Darkly written by Jostein Gaarder published on December, 2008 and the other one is Wuthering Height written by Emely Bronte, published on 2011. These two books are completely different in many ways. Through A Glass, Darkly is a book that talks about philosophical things while Wuthering Height is a legend novel that talked about a tragedy love story. It must be great to compare these two books because the genre they had. There must be some differences in the objects they talked, the background they made, and also the writer they had been written.

In the book of Gaarder’s, Through A Glass, Darkly, there were an Angel named Ariel who had some great conversations with Cecilia, a little girl who was 13 years old and she couldn’t do anything on her Christmas because of sick she had. She should stayed at her own room even she couldn’t stand by her own feet. However, in the Christmas day, she wanted to get pair of ski and she believed she could play it before the winter gone. Cecilia’s parents were the protagonists because they didn’t believe Cecilia could be cured then they just treated like Cecilia was a baby.

Wuthering Height was one of Emely’s, it talked about a tragedy love story. Catherine that love Heathcliff, her closed boyfriend since she were kid, but she never married him because of the status social they had. Catherine was Mr. Earnshaw’s daughter while Heathcliff was nobody, he was an orphan who lived in the Earnshaw’s house. However, they had many similarities. Catherine could be like a bad girl when she was with Heathcliff but she would change into very good girl when she was with the Linton’s family. The hypocrite of her made everyone around her had no sympathy for her. Heathcliff and Catherine were being antagonist while Mr. Linton was a protagonist. He loved Catherine deeply but she loved both of Heathcliff and Linton.

Cecilia was a 13 old kid and she had conversations with an Angel Ariel , they talked about heaven and the majesty of God. Ariel also helped Cecilia to play her new pair of skis and made her believe deeply that she could be cured before the winter gone. Different with Heathcliff and Catherine that mostly played about love and the hypocrite of Catherine’s was really different with Cecilia’s smooth.

It will be funny if Cecilia was Catherine in the Through A Glass, Darkly. By the hypocrite that she had, they would make Ariel confused and the conversations between them was not about God but love. Perhaps, she didn’t want to have pairs of skate for his Christmas gift but Heathcliff. And if Catherine was Cecilia in the Wuthering Heights, she would never married to Linton but she would be busy by playing her skate in the winter. There must be a funny story if we switched the characters and made our own story.

Wuthering Heights was completely different with Through A Glass, Darkly, and I prefer to read Gaarder’s book than Bronte’s. Not because of the page that Bronte’s had, it was easy for us to read 540 pages of novel, but it was because of the content of the novel. Talking about heaven and the majesty of God, being sensitive about God and heaven in the child perspective was more enjoyable. Bronte’s novel was little bit boring because it only talked about love and it was a common story nowadays moreover for us that had our own love tale.

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