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Romance-drama author “Nicholas Sparks”

Born from a father named Patrick Sparks as a professor and mother named Jill as a homemaker, Nicholas Sparks spent the early part of his childhood moving around with his family as his father finished up his graduate work. In 1989, he met his future wife, Catherine Cote, A year later, the two were married. Six weeks later, however, tragedy struck the Sparks family when Nicholas' mother was killed in a horseback riding accident. From that moment, a new life begin when Nicholas started to write a story but never published. He wrote a story frequently but never published. In 1994, Nicholas Sparks started write the novel entitle The Notebook which became a best-seller and adapted into a movie. When someone said that a novel is taken by little story of the author, probably that’s going to be true. After the dead of his father caused by an accident, Sparks tried to write the story about a man which sent his letter to his wife through the bottle which is entitle Message in the bottle is inspired by his parent’s relationship. The novel became best-seller and adapted again into a movie.

Nicholas Sparks walked into the next step, he never stopped to write. A Walk to Remember (1999) was the author's second novel to be made into a movie, which starred Mandy Moore and Shane West. Other works include The Rescue (2001), A Bend in the Road (2001), Nights in Rodanthe (2002), The Wedding (2004), and Three Weeks With My Brother (2004), which recounted a journey he and his brother Micah embarked on after becoming the only surviving members of their family. In 2008, Sparks's published his 14th novel, The Lucky One, followed by The Last Song (2009), Safe Haven (2010) and The Best of Me (2011). The Best of Me was developed into the 2014 film by the same title. The movie starred James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan as two high school sweethearts who meet up years later. Sparks published The Longest Ride in 2013. Two years later, the romantic drama was adapted into a film, starring Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson, Jack Huston, Alan Alda, Melissa Benoist, and Lolita Davidovich. Another one of his books, 2007's The Choice, hit the big screen in 2016.

Nicholas Sparks presented his idea by put his personal life. The writers put his own idea usually by what happened in their life, what they saw, what they felt, and what they did. Most of the novel written with almost the same plot. Appointed of a two young couple which is mad in love, who struggle of the circumtances whether the circumtances are about family, social, job, or, etc. take A walk to remember and The longest ride as an example, both have the same plot on the story. Two couple meet, though in different way but the problem started when they have to struggle between the circumtances. In A walk to remember, the man is a naughty boy and that’s going to be how the girl change the character of that man into good person. Otherwise, The longest ride, a couple should struggle with a man’s job and both have different background of job. The girl loves art so much. But the man doesn’t. that would be how they overcome the differences. Each of novel has same plot, but the way Nicholas Sparks tell the story in each love story of each couple is different.

The advantage that the readers got from his work was those novel write in an easy way to understand by the young reader with less of figure of speech. The way the author present his write was so clear and I am as a reader like to follow the flow. I am as a reader placed myself as if the main character on the novel so that the feeling from the novel can be conveyed as well. Those romance novel let the young couple know that stand in a hard condition is difficult and how they solve the hard condition of pressure under the circumtances can be as an example in a real life. Those novel being adapted in a movie and became a hits also best-seller is through a long proceed so that it can be received in society and I believe that the reader is highly a teenager. One of my favorite quote is from Dear John novel “My dad always said that when you’re struggling with something, look all the people around you and realize that every single person you see is struggling with something, and to them, it’s just as hard as what you’re going through.”

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