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A Little Story behind Demian

By Hermann Hesse

Hesse is a writer, poet, painter Swiss descent. He was born at German. His writes many influence by goethe, lessing, schiller, greek mythology and nietzsche. One of his work is Demian, based on his autobiography, Demian published when the first world war, the inspiration came when he was depressed about his life and Gustav Jung (his doctor) gave him inspiration to finished Demian on 3 weeks with psychological wrestling condition. He looking for spiritual but this time he find the dark side of life in God symbolization who represent the dark world and also bright : Abraxas. He did wild religion interpretation in this novel, its about fellow sect of cainism. Recalling of crucifixion incident so that just for crazy spiritualist who could understand Demian without confused the meaning. Demian tells how the trauma of Sinclair childhood (represent life of Hesse) found his inner voice pass through of Demian who bring him to the himself, so Sinclair have long journey to find what the meaning of Abraxas. The name which makes him curious for. Demian tells how Sinclair find his world from the cutoff word of the novel “ The bird flights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God’s name is Abraxas ”. such a crazy thought by Hesse make us to explore about deeper spiritualism with this novel.

Demian wrote with full of spiritualism scent, written with the high language that makes the beginner must be thinking hard to understood the mean, remember of Hesse is a genious poet. His ability to writing is doesn’t to questionable anymore. Demian have a content lesson for person who have a mental breakdown to know theirself and finding something that they want to do.

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