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The House Believe That TV Does More Harm Than Good

The house believe that television does more harm than good


Television is an electronic device that receives electrical signals and changes them into moving images and sound on a screen. Television is the broadcasting of pictures and sound by radi waves or electric cable. Does more harm than good, it means to be harmful or damaging than helpful. It used to say that something had a bad effect rathr than a good one.

The house believes that television does more harm than good. Television has effects which are more harmful than helpful. Television has more bad effects rather than good effects. It can be seen in several aspects. There are in

1. Health

No one ever claimed that watching TV was healthy, but doctors are only now discovering just how bad it can be. More and more studies are being carried out on the harmful health effects of watching television. A recent research study conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health indicates that watching too much television can significantly increase the risk of developing obesity and type 2 diabetes. Not surprisingly, another study carried out at the University of Rhode Island found that prolonged television watching decreases viewers’ sense of self-efficacy in maintaining personal health.

The connection between TV and disease isn't a mystery. Watching television means inactivity, and inactivity has been linked with obesity and heart disease.TV watching eats up leisure time that could be spent walking, exercising, or even just moving around, and it has also been linked to unhealthy diets, including consuming too much sugar, soda, processed food, and snacks -- foods, perhaps not coincidentally, that are often found in television commercials.

What's more, some studies suggest that prolonged sitting, over and above its impact on eating habits and exercise, may cause metabolism changes that contribute to unhealthy cholesterol levels and obesity.

2, Consumtive

Another bane of television is consumerism. The number of ads that viewers see on TV exposes them to a variety of brands and products that they may not need. Commersials encourage kids to consume unhealthy foods and drinks, children also begin to believe that fast food, ice cream, and carbonated drinks are good. Parents become victims of consumerism as kids insist on buying something that they saw on TV.They are forced to spend money on things that their child want but don’t need.

3. Promoting Harmful Programs

Based on “Kidia” TV program in Indonesia in 2004 isonly 15% which is safe for children. Television promotes harmful progrrams rather than focusing on education such as violence. Volence is the common activity promoted by television by movie, game show also cartoons. Therefore, it can cause people to act the same way in which these actors and actresses act in shows. Violence is actually informing their audience to portray their behavior towards their families, friends and also peple in authority. Television promotes guns and knives which would then lead up to causing violence. Television has become more a harm than good to young teens and children. We should at lese limit or control in what kids are watching enhance their skill in knowing wrong from right and to sure this in their daily lives.

television viewing may also cause audiences especially children to be mentally affected as to their thinking skills. Indeed, it is well-supported by Leigh (2001), as she said that the essential skills in developing problem-solving and organizational activity are majorly affected as children do not generate the imaginative skills to create fictitious characters, situations, and make-believe worlds. Moreover, short-term attention is likely to be implemented into the children’s minds (Sharif 1999). This is because of today’s short segments and loud yet colourful presentation of children’s programs and music video clips. Therefore, children’s thinking ability is reduced as an implication of television viewing.


Tv is basically just a form of media, no more harmful that any other, it if also a form of art, i don't think you can argue that art harms our society it is a great part of human expression and reflect said society. Television breaks down cultural barries as it allows us to view documentaris on other cultural aswell as TV show actually made in other countries, giving us a none stereotyped view, other media gives us.It also does the same with social barriers as it is something that can be enjoyed by all classes, including the working class, It allows them to watch such events as the Olympics or a debate in a house of commons this that would otherwise not be available to them, either for class reason of purely for financial reasons.It is one of the cheapest forms of entertainment and allows people to watch thing like pieces of acting or ballet that otherwise they would have to pay a lot of money to go to the theater to watch.

As mentioned above it is a form of art and like any form of art it can be used to touch upon and explore controversial issues, shows like skins, the l word, queer as folk or even south park do in to issues like gay rights, sexuality, laws, social norms, drugs, prostitution ect and all in a variety of ways from a variety of angels, they might not of considered before. And anyone can have their message on this issue broadcast whether it be public access, a average joe of the street on a 5 min news segments, the actors of writers of tv shows giving their interpretation or politicians or organizations.

Tv can also unite a nation for example when the world cup is on people from all over Britain gather at houses of pubs with their friends and family to watch the england matches together. Same with the BBC children in need program, a organized chariety tv event that's besides Christmas day and new years eve gets the highest ratings. People from all over the uk get involves with this event and think of ways to to raise money for the protection of children. Since 1980 it has raised £470 million! for children all over the world.

Beside joining our society tv also is a huge part of our economy, the jobs that rely on televisions are endless, actors writers, make up artists, set designers, costume designers, casters, documentary research teams, people that actually make tvs companies that sell dvd of documentaries and tv programs like hmv, tv guide magazines, printing companies, right down to the man who fixes sky tv boxes not to even mention the advertising industry, so many families and people rely on the income brought in by these jobs.

Television is also a great source education, it provides education shows and creative shows for children as well as countess documentaries for children, teenagers and adults It also has made many literally classics in to updates versions or contemporary versions or kept them to their historical selfs allowing people to understand these texts a lot easier as well as being entertained by and enjoying these classics.

It also keeps us up to date with the latest news much more up to date than a newspaper possibly could it even has channels completly dedicated to 24/7 news.

Basically while tv does have certain bad points these don't necessarily cause harm they are just bad television, most of television does contribute to our society.


I was reading this article and I felt that it was poorly argued for television has done more harm than good to society. Before I get started with my substantive matter I would like to rebutt a few arguments from amazondebs (nothing personal;) ) Firstly, I would like to rebutt the point which amazondebs made about television being like any other kind of media and not being biased. I believe this argument is invalid. This is because, like any other form of media it is quite biased. All media is biased in some way or another, news is biased, because it represents a certain view of society, this can be seen clearly through this example. Recently, I watched a video on the ABC news. (I'm Australian by the way, but this is one of the most trusted news companies in Australia) In a quick summary, this video told the viewers in exact words that planking(a trend where people lie still on top of something)was a 'disturbing trend' and caused the deaths of a few people, thus implying that the news company thought it was a bad thing. Even if the news company didn't think this way, they still implied it seemingly not conscious that it was biased. These examples can be found throughout news, which are supposedly the most trusted resource on televisions. When it comes to other forms of media like facebook, twitter or instagram, it is even more biased, seemingly sending the messages that women are simply playthings for men and exaggerating stories to get more likes or views.

In response to the point that watching the Olympics and keeping up to date with news would only be possble with televisions. This is blatantly false, as technology these days gets cheaper and cheaper and people can just use an iphone, ipad or computer to look up the olympic games or news and with no advertisements or added detrimental effects on health.

Additionally, Tv does not unite the nation, the event does, again you can use another device to look up the world cup.

I admit, TV is a big part of the world's economy, but would you put that above children's and adult's health and lives, especially when it inspires violence, profanity and drugs and other alternative better activities are available for relaxation such as reading or playing sport which help your health with no added consequences?(I know this is multiple points, but I have to hurry because I am typing this at 11:40 and I have school tommorow).

Finally, education can be achieved by much more focused means, such as searching the internet, which come up with more information, faster and it is usually better.

I would say a few points of my own and rebutt a few more points, but I kind of don't have time, as I mentioned earlier. I hope I put up a good fight for TV doing more harm than good. Additionally, sorry for singling you out amazondebs(no hard feelings) your paragraph was really good, but I felt nobody had adressed some of your points. Thank you I'm out.

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