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A Haunted House

A Haunted House Review

A Haunted House is a fiction short story by Virginia Woof. She has characteristic in her works and share her special style in writing that make her works interesting to read and thorough. And here some of the facts that make A Haunted House by Virginia Woof different with others :

1. Virginia Woof was an English writter and one of the most modernist of the twentieth century.

2. A Haunted House tells about a gostly couple that comeback to their old house to find their treasure.

3. The genre of this story is fantasy.

4. The writer describe the situation of the story very clearly through the narration.

5. Virginia also revealed that past of the gostly couple by their direct speech.

6. This story told by living couple's point of view.

7. A Haunted House is one of the stories that become part of Virginia's first six stories in her previous collection of "Monday and Tuesday" in 1921.

8. No one can guess the meaning of the story before she or he use to read the story many times and looking for of the meaning of symbols which are appear in the short story.

9. Virginia ilustrates the theme of live using the goshtly couple to symboliz eternity.

10. In fact, the treasure that told in the story is the treasure of love. They are wandering about the house and rediscovering places full of memories of their love.

Those are 10 facts that make A Haunted House need to read and reviewed by the reader. It is gives moral value that important to our life, perhaps. It is also give us knowledge and experiences of life.


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