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Book Review : Hujan di Bulan Juni

Book Review

Hujan di Bulan Juni

By : Sapardi Djoko Damono

This book has a deep language, actually and I must read twice or more to understand and feel the atmosphere of the book. The story of this book tells about daily life in reality, so it has common topic but deep in word and language.

The main character of this book, but I forget the name. hehe J . They were friend, a best friend. The man was student in campus. The girl often accompanies the man to make research. They always spend their time together until they did not realize that their feel become deep, deep, and deep, more than friend. They never told their feel each other, but they knew each other.

One day, the girl got scholarship in aboard, but I forget the country. There, the girl had a friend that make the man jealous.

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