• Murtafiah Darojah

Film Review: Kimi No Na Wa

Directed by: Makoto Shinkai

Reviewer: Murtafiah Darojah

Falling in love with someone who we've never met before is a cliché love story. Many films and novels that make a story in a similar way. Makoto Shinkai, a Japanese animation director who always makes film lovers’s heart quiver. He is so expert in create an animation film with superb visuals and storyline. Not only otaku who will fall in love with his work, but also the entire film lovers. Although already presenting beautiful animation image details are not forgotten.

With Comix Wave Inc Anime Studio, a magic touch Makoto Shinkai in creating outstanding the animated film ends. This film releas in 2016. 117 minutes duration of this film so powerful in Japan and become the world's attention. Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name), suc

cess in 85 countries. The Film pulled in revenue of 20 billion yen (2.5 trillion rupiah) and is positioned on the second best-selling Japanese films of all time. Your Name is a beautifully surprising film and an absolute must-see and not just for fans of anime.

Like Shinkai’s films before. Each scene is clearly visible and you can identify all objects with ease. Such as Byousoku Go Sencsimetoru (5 Centimeters Per Second), Koto no Ha Na Niwa (Garden of Words). Shinkai increasingly make the audience curious and amazed. Almost all the background that looks drawn based on real objects that exist in Japan. All parts from the object and backgrounds made with great details. For example buildings in urban areas, the grass in the fields, even small objects on a table. Then, each object is adjusted by the applicable time. like smartphones used the main character. From of objects used, we can see the transition time period.

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