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The headline news about "Time". Monday 20 March 2017. Time is very important in the world. We are lived not in spite with time. Yesterday, it has been held a seminar that has theme is “Time”. The seminar is held in PPG building in IAIN Surakarta. The reporter is Mr.Vilya Lakstian Cakra Mulya,S.Hum.,M.Hum., and the speakers are Mrs. Nur Umi, and Mr. Imam. They are from English Letters 4B. First speaker is Mrs. Nur Umi. Mrs Nur Umi’s theme is “Time in the Beyond”.She said that, “If in the world 1000 years, it’s same with 24 hours in the beyond”. She is also to try compared time in the world with in the beyond. “ What your reason to choose the theme?”, Mrs. Fatwa said. She is one of seminar participant. Mrs. Nur Umi answered that, “After I am pray, I am read Al-Qur’an and find Al-Qur’an’s means about time and I am spontaneous get idea to write it. She is confess cited this theme from Al-Hajj : 47. Second speaker is Mr. Imam. Mr. Imam’s theme is “Time”. He is cited this theme from his experience in daily activities. He said that,”Time is very important. In modern era, we don’t need to better ourselves to know about time”. He is compared about fact and his experience and to try made article about it.

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