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Review: Dear White People

“Racism is still alive!”. A smart hilarious satire movie that answering all my questions, for the first time i saw this movie, i thought it was so bad and hard to understand. In opposite way, it explains all my questions. Like, when you realize that there is any discrimination and you want to protest against it, sometimes it scatters into other problems.

Sam White, a black american girl that often expresses her feeling about the discrimination that she got, she had a radio show in Winchester University and disributes her book for the result that called as an equal. Yet in fact she had a white boyfriend but she keeps protest against discrimination for her own race. I called it as “blaxploitation”, i mean when there is an exploitation of black people, especially with regard to stereotyped roles in movies, and this movie did it successfully.

The funny thing is when the black race protests against racism, they also kick the white people out of their room because they eat together. A protest once gained another racism? If you think that racism is only for one race to another race, it is kind of misleading. In this movie, Lionel Higgins reveals the truth, The black community in Winchester University don’t accept him even he is a black american.

Martin Luther King Jr ever said that there is no black or white, but equal. So, if there is minority or majority do a protest against racism, you have to put yourself into an equal path, there is no major and there is no minor. Frankly, i got goosebumps and annoyed at once. As we can see, there is a tendecy among black, white, or hispanic.

It is indeed makes us believe that the movie strives to resolve the painful and intractable social divisions, or in other words, neither black nor white can not deal with this, because every race has their “own truth claim’ as long as they think that there is a color of our bodies that identify from who we are. As a result, this movie has kind of unique way to explain and little bit confusing for the first time.

If you want to figure out what is actually happen on the country that has different races or precisely america, this is worth to watch!.

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