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REVIEW World War Z


In this era may be we are as the human being dont believe about zombies, sometime we think zombie just an imagination of some people to get advantage from their imagination but there is no impossible in this life. Thus, this film is adapted from novel book with the title world war z by max brooks and the director in this film is marc foster who was a director in "quantum of solace: 007" , so this film must be watched by zombi enthusiast because there are a good director and different zombies than zombies in another films like resident evil. Why i said different zombies? Because in this film is served a running zombie, brutal, and the zombies will catch you if you make some sound , so it will make a great story of zombie.

The main character in this film is brad pitt as gary lane who is an agent pensioner of nations united , in starting in this film gary lane as a father of two daughter and a husband have to protect his family from zombies in the town. This film serve a kinship and love to protect his two daughter from danger of zombies. Brad pitt was very perfect as a father and his totality must be appreciated because how his act in this film.

Okay, now we turn to the zombies, zombies in this film is very different than another films about zombie because in this film, zombies can run very fast and more brutal. Zombies make a big colony and a great colony like ants. So they will undefeated because their number is so much, but they have a weakness, the weakness is they cannot attack a sick human because zombie must infect healthy human, so in this film brad pitt have an idea use their weakness to camouflage and attacking zombies without attacked by zombies.

I got some great scen in this film, when brad pitt as gary lane takes shelter in israel that has a great fortrees to protect from zombies attacking, and when brad pitt and his friend fly by airplane toward cardiff airport but on the way they are attacked by zombies in airplane, but they saved because he throw a grenade and make airpane falling down, and almost all of zombies are death.

So, for all zombie enthusiast must watch this film because how interesting and tightening this film , maybe if you don't have this film you can download in layarlaca21.com, in this website you can get this film, and i hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

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