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Three Questions

Leo Tolstoy is Russian author, he is best known for his two longest works “War and Peace” (1865-1869) and ”Anna Kareina” (1875-1877). Leo was born on September 9th 1828, he was known as master of realistic fiction and one of the world’s greates novelist. He was interested to writes short story too, short story which is written by him is “Three Questions”. This short story published in 1989, the story is kind of fiction that tells about King who wants to finds answers to what he considers the three most important questios in his life.

In this story there is quote that i think is fabulous to me, this quote was appeared in last sentence “the most important affair is, to do him good, because for that purpose alone was man sent into this life”. The King as a main character in this story who has problem with the three most important questions in his life and also as a protagonist in this story who helped a bearded man which is actually his enemy.

The King who has three most important questions first questions, “How i can learn to do the right thing at the right time?” Second questions, “Who are the people i most need, and to whom should i, therefore, pay more attention than to the rest?” and the last questions, “What affairs are the most important, and need my first attention?”. To answer these three questions, the first plan that he do is proclaim throughtout his kingdom that he would give a great reward to anyone who could answers his three question, but none could answers the questions and all the answers being different. The second plan that he do is consult a hermit who lived in a wood, the King give him the three questions and the hermit listened to the King, but answered nothing. The hermit just spat on his hand and recommended digging.

When the King asked to hermit for an answers to his questions, a bearded man with hands pressed against his stomach and blood was flowing from under them come to the wood. The King and the hermit helped him to unfasted his clothes and bandage his large wound with handkerchief that the King has. The king also brought fresh water to bearded man when he asked for something to drink. The bearded man awake and confess to the King that he actually his enemy who will kill him when he back from the wood but the King did not return and he recognized by the King bodyguard and they were wounded him. The king become wiser beacuse he forgive the bearded man and to have gained him for a friend, he also would send his servants and his own phsycian to attend him and promised to restore his property. After all, the hermit answers the three questions, first “there is only one time that is important” second, “the most necessary man ishe with whom you are, for no man knowswhether he will ever have dealings with anyone else” and the last answers is “the most important affairis, to do him good, because that purpose alone was man sent into this life”. From this story the author teach us about something that can not answered by anyone or words but only himself who can answers the questions.

From this story, moral value that i got is the King helped stranger man without knowing who he is and he forgive him easily. The story written with good plot and to the point, the plot which is catches my attention is in the climax when a bearded man confess to the King and the most like in the story is when hermit explaining the answers from what the King considers the three most important questios in his life.

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