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Unforgettable Place

If we talk about the place that is unforgotten, the first place that comes in my mind is Kediri. Why I can say like that, because this place has many interesting places that always makes me miss it.

The first or the main place that is unforgotten is Pare. I have many memories in this place. I always remember about my friends that I cannot meet again if I remember this place. Pare is the best place to improve your English skill. I came here for the first time when I was graduated from my Senior High School. My first intention to come here is to improve my English but I found something that is more important than that, which is friendship. In this place, I met many people from other cities or even islands. That is why I say I cannot meet them again.

Before I tell more about this memorable place, I will explain about this place and my course first. Pare or we call as ‘Kampung Inggris’ is the best place to get knowledge of English. This place is called as ‘Kampung Inggris’ because in this place there are a lot of English Courses, those are more than 200 courses. One of the most popular course there is BEC and the owner is Mr. Kalend Osen. BEC is the first course Pare and the owner Mr. Kalend is the figure that makes ‘Kampung Inggris’ itself. In Pare, you will meet many people not just from East Java itself but also from all cities in Indonesia. They are from Makassar, Lombok, Bali, Jambi, and other areas.

The first time I came here, I directly chose BEC as my course because this is the most popular course among others. I felt so happy when I studied here because the method of studying here is like playing. I always remembered that every Friday we had to speak in front of many audiences. It could improve our skill in speaking and many others activities that was so cheerful.

Then, I would like to tell about other memorable places in Pare. It is my camp or my boarding house. It is called camp because this boarding house has English program every morning and night so we get the knowledge not just from the course but also from the camp. In my camp, I also met many people from other cities. They were so funny and cheerful that always could make me happy. I always remembered that every once a mount we would cook together and eat the food together. The food was put on the banana leaves. It made the taste and atmosphere really good at the time.

Beside the courses that are so much in Pare, there are also some places for eating or hangout with your friends. In front of BEC, you will find small store that sell ‘pecel’. This place is so popular for BEC students. They often come here not just for eating but also to discuss about their project and their study. In ‘Kampung Inggris’, there is also an iconic place that is so popular for students there, this place is a store that called Tansu (Ketan Susu). This place sells sticky rice for their menu. Even, the food is traditional but the taste can make you back here repeatedly. The contents of the food are sticky rice mixed with milk or soya been powder. The taste is sweet and smooth. Beside the iconic food, this place will give you atmosphere like in the village because this place is near large rice field that can make you relax and refresh your mind.

Then, if we talk about place, we will talk about tourist destination also. In Kediri, there are several destinations that we can visit it. If you like hiking, you can go to Mount Kelud that is so popular there. Also, if you like just enjoy the place with your family you can go to Gumul. It is iconic place in Kediri and becomes the place that is popular for the tourist to take picture and upload it to their social media. In this place, there is a building that is similar with iconic building in Paris ‘Arc de Triomphe’. This place becomes more beautiful if you come here in the night because this place will lighted by yellow lamp and make this place so romantic.

Those are some places that make me cannot forget this place. There are still many sentences to describe about Pare and maybe I can make a book to describe it. I will go to there again to memorize all of my memories with my friends. In addition, Pare always becomes my memorable place in here after.

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