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Using technology for development

Technology nowadays is a part of human's life. In the future all people around the world will use technology for their every single business. It is possible, really possible. Willy nilly as the member of world society, following or taking a part of this development is a must.

To prepare the youngster, students, or even teachers facing this great real future technology is one of some responsible reactions done by educational institution and some organization.

English letters department of IAIN Surakarta has run a program this year, Velvet (venturing English Letters via Educational Technology). The similar program had run also last year.

It means that, English Letters of IAIN Surakarta prepare the students for the future era.

There are two main reasons why do we have to keep running this program annually.

First, we are preparing students for the future. All of us adore to have a better future, with the good behavior of human being. As the vital part of human's lives, technology drives the way people act badly. We should become one of the actors who spread the good value, lesson, and guidance by technology.

The last reason is the students need a jar of their idea, this program can be a media of them to improve and develop their skill in using technology. If this program is stopped, it will seem like no body cares with the students' creations. They're young and in power, so that we will not waste it, right?

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