• Hidayah Al Ayyubi S

Descriptive Paragraph

Forest is my favourite place where I can hear the different sounds of the animals are living there. I enjoy that when I am alone, because I love to draw trees and take some pictures, but also I like to be with someone and talk. I always go to the forest with my friends on weekend. We love nature so much. We can think about life, family, friend and the future there. In that place, we can imagine everything.

I love to be there for a long time because I can rest softly, and I have a good time there. There are trees, animals, and different plants. I can smell the air, I can feel the temperature of the weather. I can look up through the sky, see its own colors like blue and white. It is a lovely thing when I can see the clouds are moving slowly and expanding. It is like a heaven in the world.

I enjoyed the time when I go to the forest, I can hiking, daydreaming, and drawing the scenery in there. I love this place a lot. I would like to be there. Wherever there is a forest, it is good for me. Good place to make a new inspiration.

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