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Three Questions to Change Life

Have you ever asked yourself questions for a living? Questions about life are not always hard-thinking. They can be simple but touched. Literary work can give us lesson beautifully like Tolstoy did.

Three questions was a classic short story written by Leo Tolstoy, a Russian author. It was first published in 1885. The type of this story was a fairy tale. The subject of this story is human experience. The main point of this story is a title itself. It tells about a king seeking right answers of his three questions until he offered a great riches to anyone who could give the right answers. Three questions were: When is the best time to do each thing? Who are the most important people to work with? and what is the most important thing to do at all time? The king thought the answers would help him to be the master of all affairs. However, people could answer that questions only a wise old hermit.

There were three important characters in this story. They were the king sought the answer to his questions, the wise hermit helped the king to find the answers, and a bearded man, the king’s enemy who had plan to kill the king. The problem of this story was about the three questions that a very important for the king to find the answers. Until people came to the kingdom to give their answers to king’s three questions. However, finally, the king decided to visit the wise old hermit in the wood to find the right answer to his questions. My favorite line in this story is when the wise old hermit said, “Remember then: there is only one time that is important-Now! It is the most important time because it is the only time when we have any power”. The quote is about an advice because it was like a philosophy given us the answers about what, who and when things or moment that could be important things for us.

When people came from far away to answer the king’s questions, the king didn’t agree with their answers as the right answer. To gained the right answers for his questions, the king came to a wise old hermit who lived in a wood. The king put on simple clothes, leaving his horse and his bodyguard to met the hermit alone as a folk. When the hermit took a rest after he was digging the ground in front of his hut, he greeted the king who stands beside him. The king asks the hermit to answer his three questions but the hermit didn’t answer. When the king asked his question again, the hermit just listened and answered nothing. And then the king try to help to dig the ground for a wish he could get the answer from the hermit. However, the king still couldn’t get the answer. Suddenly, a bearded man running approached them in the wood. He held the king’s hand and then fell because the blood in his stomach would not stop flowing. When the king saw that, he tried to help that man as best he could.

When the king tired and then fall asleep at the side of a bearded man's, a bearded man is awarded. When the king awoke, he approached the king and begged forgiveness. He told to the king that he planned to kill him before the king saved his life. He drew blood and the king help cures him. He wished to kill the king but the king saved his life. What happened to him make he was aware that he must say honest and asked amnesty from the king. That entire situation didn’t make the king become angry and disappointed. The king was being wiser because he could forgive the bearded man. He considered the bearded man as his friends without seeing his fault and he promises that he will send his own physician to attend him. The authors taught us through this story about how to see our problem or people in different point of view. How to admit our fault and how to forgiving people who hurt us. Whenever and what happened to you, when people make mistake to us, we have to control our self and easily to forgiving people like the king forgave the man.

It was a short story that a very simple with descriptive language, short and to the point. It was easy for the reader to read and understand the sentences because most of the language was a familiar. So, it would not make us become confused when we try to find the message. This story contained a deep moral value about the important things in our life and the way to forgiving someone and be patient when want to know something. The interesting point in this story was when the king was waiting for the answer from a wise old hermit. Actually, the way to control his self when he waited for the answers were more important than the answers that he wanted. Because it taught us how to be patient. The answers to the three questions were surprising because when we read this story before the end, we never guess that the answers to that questions were very simple. This short story took the readers on a deep feeling and imagination like that the readers are the main character. After we read this story, it will make us to not giving up even we try to find something. Every word in this story has meaningful. If you want to know what the important things in your life are, you must read this story with your feelings. Even if you feel stress or boring with your activity, try to read this story to make you think widely and to make you aware to not waste the time in your life.

This literary report is written by Rika Esti Pradipta Kusnadi, 6th-semester student taking E-Literary Report lecture. The report is under supervision by E-Literary Report lecturer, Vilya Lakstian Catra Mulia, S.Hum., M.Hum. This article is then completed with additions by her colleagues: M. Taufiq Firdaus, Aria Eka Buana, and Rafita Arum Sari.

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