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Descriptive Writing


  1. Sense of Sight :

Where the skies are blue to see you once again, my love

Over seas from coast to coast

To find the place I love the most

Where the fields are green to see you once again, my love. (My love, Westlife)

And as I stared I counted

The webs from all the spiders

Catching things and eating their insides. (I Miss You, Blink 182)

When I see you’re face

there’s not a think thant I would change

Cause your amazing, just the way you are. (Just the Way You Are, Bruno Mars)

“Mr. Brunner pointed to one of the pictures on the stele. "Perhaps you'll tell us what this picture represents?"

I looked at the carving, and felt a flush of relief, because I actually recognized it. "That's Kronos eating his kids, right?"(Percy Jackson and the Olympians ‘THE LIGHTNING THIEF’, Rick Riordian)

“Close to the corner of a street, among other abodes of poverty, stood an exceedingly tall, narrow house, which had been so knocked about by time that it seemed out of joint in every direction.” (The Bottle Neck, Hans Christian Andersen)

  1. Sense of Hearing :

“The knocking ceased suddenly, although the echoes of it were still in the house. He heard the chair drawn back and the door opened. A cold wind rushed up the staircase, and a long loud wail of disappointment and misery from his wife gave him courage to run down to her side, and then to the gate beyond.” (The Monkey's Paw, W. W. Jacobs)

“From the right, Willy Loman, the Salesman, enters, carriying two large sample cases. The flute plays on. He hears but is not aware of it.” (Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller)

“Suddenly she thought she heard a twig snap deep in the woods. But she was not completely sure, and anyway it would be pointless to chase after someone who was determined to get away.” ( Sophie's World, Jostein Gaarder)

“...a strange noise which resembled the sound of a church bell; it only lasted an instant, for it was lost in the continual roar of traffic and hum of voices which rose from the town” (The Bell,Hans Christian Andersen)

I remember the day you told me you were leaving

I remember the makeup running down your face

And the dreams you left behind you didn?t need them

Like every single wish we ever made

I wish that I could wake up with amnesia

And forget about the stupid little things. (Amnesia, 5 seconds of summer)

  1. Sense of Touch :

You are my heat when I’m cold

The place I call home and always will be

Know there I’ll be there for you. (I promise, Harris J)

With my hand on your waist

While we dance in the moonlight

I wish it was me that you call later on

Cause you wanna say good night. (One direction . I wish)

“When I wake up, the other side of the bed is cold. My fingers stretch out, seeking Prim’s warmth but finding only the rough canvas cover of the mattress. She must have had bad

dreams and climbed in with our mother. Of course, she did. This is the day of the reaping.” (The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins)

“...the Nightingale flew to the Rosetree, and set her breast against the thorn. All night long she sang with her breast against the thorn, and the cold, crystal Moon leaned down and listened. All night long she sang, and the thorn went deeper and deeper into her breast, and her lifeblood ebbed away from her.”(The Nightingale and The Rose, Oscar Wilde)

  1. Sense of Taste :

I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted

I thought about our last kiss, how it felt the way you tasted

And even though all your friends tell me you’re doing fine

And you’re somewhere feeling lonely even though he’s right beside you

When he says those words that hurt you do you read the ones I wrote you. (5 seconds of summer . Amnesia)

“Everything at the cafeteria tasted like the minor acid of rainwater and everything stank of mildew and showers became ludicrously inappropriate because the whole goddamned world had better water pressure than the showers. And the rain made hermits of us all.” (Looking for Alaska, John Green)

“..."We not only have all the things from cans at the trader's, but when the Pueblos come past here on their way to town we buy their salty jerked mutton, young corn for roasting, dried sweet peaches.”....”.( Chee's Daughter, Juanita Platero and Siyowin Miller)

  1. Sense of Smell :

“It was so nice to see them shaving together, one behind the other, in the bathroom. And going out together. You notice? The whole house smells of shaving lotion.” (Deat of a Salesman, Arthur Miller)

“I could smell her next to me, the sweat and the algae from the moat, her shampoo like lilacs, and the smell of her skin like crushed almonds.” (Papertown, John Green)

“There was a sweet fragrance from the fresh green verdure, and the birds almost

perched upon her shoulders.”( The Wild Swans, Hans Christian Andersen)

She fancied she was still sitting in the hut, where the woman was busy preparing the coffee, for she could smell the coffee-berries roasting.( Anne Lisbeth, Hans Christian Andersen)

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