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Integrated Skill of English

Museum Vocabulary

  • Exhibition : a public display of works of art or items of interest held in a museum or gallery for people to see.

  • Diorama : a scenic representation in which sculptured figures and lifelike details are displayed usually in miniature so as to blend indistinguishably with a realistic painted background

  • Gallery :a room or building in which people look at paintings, sculptures, etc.

  • Ticket : a piece of paper that allows you enter the museum.

  • Entrance :something (such as a door) that is used for entering something.

  • Historical : relating about the history. Used for describing someone or something as they really existed in the past.

  • Tour guide : a person employed to show tourist around places of interest.

  • Fossil : preserved from a past geologic age.

  • An admission fee : the fee charged to enter the place.

  • Collection : something collected.

  • A gift shop : a shop that sells item appropriate as gift.

  • A catalogue : a complete of things that you can look.

  • Brochure : a thin book giving information.

  • Visitors books : a book in which the people who visit the museum write their names and adresses.

  • A curator : a person who oversees and manages a museum and its collection.

  • A donation : something that you give in order to help a person or organisation.

  • Cultural : relating to the arts and to intelectual achievements.

  • Heritage : Thehistory,ideas,andbeliefsthatdefineacountryorcultureandthatarepasseddownthroughthegenerations.

  • Oral history : Thepersonalrecollectionsofpeoplewhoparticipatedinhistoricalevents,recordedonaudioorvideotapeortoldtoayoungergeneration.

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