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Yuni Hera Kusnia Wati

Sastra Inggris 4A

I become a journalist

We are in the seminar about time, and we have 3 speakers. The first speaker is Annisa Nurul, the second speaker is Ayubi, and the third speaker is Annisa Wahyu. Now we will see how each speaker explain about their argument.

1.Annisa Nurul

The first speaker explain about time management. Time is important, so we need to organize time well, so that we can do something better. She give us the tips how to manage time well.

1. Make a list so that we are not confused to use our free time.

2. Learn to sets our priority, it means that we cannot wasted our time.

3. Don't be afraid to say "No". It means when someone ask us to go with them but we have our priority, we don't need to be afraid to say no.

4. Please don't belittling little things.

5. Sets the deadline.


The second speaker explain about the importance of timekeeping. Timekeeping is very important to create a good impression, so group of members will know that you're reliable.

3.Annisa Wahyu

The third speaker explain about time management also. She said that time management is really important for us. Time is really precious for us. Time is a way that we do to balance our time for working, studying, and also have fun.

These are some questions which are given by the members of the seminar

-The first question came from Hasdiah, she ask to all of the speakers what they do their activity as what they write for their management time, and what they satisfied with that?And if there is something that disturbing their scedule how they fix that?

Yubi said that he did the activity as what he list before, usually he write done the note on his phone and sometimes he exchange the time on the list, but he feel comfortable with that.

Then, Annisa Nurul answer that she prefer to do the priority, but when she confused between two important things in one time she will ask her friends to choose which one that she must do first or focusing in on list.

From Annisa Wahyu, she said that she usually make a jurnal and list what she want to do.

-The second question is from Sisca. The question is when we cannot manage our time first, it will disturbing the next activity, so what is the solution?

-The third question is from Rendi. The question is if there is accidental things, how the way they fix that?

Yubi answer if there is two things very important that should do in one time, he will do both of that quickly.

Then Annisa Nurul said that she will choose the priority, or sometimes she will give time accidental on her schedule.

Annisa Wahyu will choose the priority also. She will choose the most important thing between two important things which it cannot change in other times.

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