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  1. Phonetics is the study of the characteristics of speech sounds.

  2. a. Articulatory Phonetic is the study of how speech sounds are produced.

b. coustic Phonetic is the study of the physical properties of speech as sound waves.

c. Auditory Phoneticis the study of the perception of speech sounds by the ear, also called, perceptual phonetics.

  1. Vowel is a sound produced through the vocal cords without constriction off the air flow in the mouth.

Consonant is a speech sound produced by restricting the air flowin some way.

  1. Internasional Phonetics Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic nation based primarily on the latin Alphabet. The IPA is used in dictionaries to indicate the pronunciation of words. The IPA has often been used as aa basis for creating new writing systems for previously unwritten languages. The IPA is used in some foreign language text books and phrase books to transcribe the sounds of languages which are written with non-latin alphabets. It is also used by non-native speakers of English when learning to speak English.

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