• Nurun Nisa' Zukhrifah Adib

The Important of Time Management

Now days time takes a big part in our daily life. Everything is dealing with time. We need time to do our work and job. We know that everything that we do is have deadline to be finished. There will be a lot of problems if we can not manage our time. Anisa Wahyu said that we use time management in our daily activity. We should coordinate our time because time is precious. We should use time wisely to balance our activity. By managing time we can make us more productive. We will feel so satisfied if we can do our work well without rushing the time. " I usually give my self something as a reward if I did my time management well" she said.

We can take an example from the relation between coach and football player. As Hidayah Al Ayubi said that time keeping is very important because it will create a good impression. The coach and the team will know that you are reliable, organized, and have ability to plan ahead. This good impression will create trust and confidence between coach and player. On the other side, if we can not manage the time, for example we are late in a game we will make a bad impression and can't reach our goals. " time for player is very Important for their career" yubi said.

I will give you some tips by Anisa N Rahmawati to manage your time. First, make a list for everything that you want to do in a day. Second,learn to set your priorities, it will help you to decide the important thing that you have to do first. Third, don't be afraid of say "no" for something unimportant. Then, do too procrastinate by a little thing. The last is set the deadlines by make a note so we won't get troubles when we should submit our work.

Now what about laziness happen on us? "it is from your self and everyone does. You may pray in the morning of the day to not be lazy, ans ask your self why you are lazy. You can also refresh your purpose" said Anisa N Rahmawati.

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