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The Valuable of Time

The Valuable of Time

Time is not something unfamiliar to us. In daily activity always limited by time. Time gives meaning in the life of the world. People can not regardless of the time because the course of life in line with the passage of time. Time is very important and valuable for squandered. The wise regardful time and they limited the less acceptable.

Time is something will not replay again, the squandered and there would not be that looks of the time. Squander of time the same waste a chance. Many people who like suspend work, as a result not completed on time and not maximal. Time will be felt longer while bored. Everyday people has the number of the same time, namely 24 hours no more or less.

Discipline is someone to adhere and obedent to rules in implementing the tasks and responsibilities. One of discipline attitude that appreciate of time. Just a lazy people who said no time. The fact that often in our life and cultural rubber hours. Time will be retired from that had been determined late culture is getting worse. The culture can not be left like that. Not be used trust, it is time the young generation to stop a bad habit.


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