• Anisa Wahyu I

Time Management

Time is really precious for us. Time that we have now will never be replayed in the future, so we have to use it wisely. It is really important for us to manage our time. Time management is a way that we do to balance our time for working, studying, having fun and chilling effectively. Actually we always manage our time in our daily activity, such as when we go to work, go to campus and go to sleep, but sometimes we late to go to campus and sleep late too. It means our skill on how to manage time are still bad. By managing time we can be more productive and not too stressful because we already know what we have to do. It will makes our life happier and a little bit easier. Time management is something that difficult to try, but we have to do it to coordinate our time. For a starter, try to make a plan about what will we do, then make a note about it. Don't forget to write the date when we will do the activity. You can also make a note about your assignment and write down the deadline, so you can do your work effectively. That is a simple thing you can do to manage your time.

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