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Time Management

Theres a conference the speaker are Mrs.Anisa Wahyu, Mrs. Anisa Nurul and Mr.Hidayah alayubi, The conference about how to managing time. Now we will see how each speaker explain about conference.

Mrs. Anisa Nurul said about time management.

Mrs. Anisa Nurul give tips for us

1.Making a journal or make a list: make a list can make every people don’t confuse.

2.Learn : make don’t wasted our time.

3.Don’t be afraid to say “no”.

4.sets deadline.

Mr. Hidayah Alayubi said about time keeping.

Mr. Ayubi said that time keeping is important. Time keeping can increase the relatioship we have arange the time.

Mrs. Anisa Wahyu said about time management.

Mrs. Anisa Wahyu said that time management is very important for us. Time management is really precious for us. Mrs. Anisa Wahyu give some tips for us.

  1. Make a daily activities

  2. More productive

  3. Make a plan

  4. Make a note assigment

Theres some question from members of seminar.

-first question when we can manage our time. How the solution for manage

The answer: we can make a journal

Usually write done in our note or smartphone.

We must make a priorty. Example: activity important or not important we must finish one or ask friends to help.

-second question how about you got the accident.

The answer: example: turnamen and campus

We must choose most important first. We must finish campus first, because campus or education more important than habbier.

-third question if we lazy to do the agenda. Have you give some solution ?

The answer: thats from your self. Pray in the morning for finish your agenda. Try to booster your mood.

-fourth question give the solution how to procratisnate time.

The answer: make a plane

Do important

If you certain about that just do it.

-five question solution if can’t manage our time.

The answer: make reword for our day.

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