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Time Management Tips


Time is the point or period when something occurs. Time management is consciously knowing how much time you should put and spend on a specific activity. It is how you plan and organize the time allocations you give on a task to execute the right steps and achieve your goals. Because time is limited, it will ensure that the right amount of time is spent on the right activity. The time management is very important because You can’t buy time, You can’t stop time, and You can’t save time.

How we can manage our time?

  • Firstly, we can make something like journal or make a list about what we have done. We can put some pictures, notes, and others to make it more interesting.

  • Second, manage which is more important activity and finish it firstly. Make a priority and deadline. We should do the activity which is more important and close to the deadline.

  • If there is something like accidental activity or thing, we should see what’s kind of the accident first, if it’s very important and urgent we can reschedule the plan for the accidental thing. For example, we have planned that today we will meet our friend but we have a text said that our mom is sick and she is in hospital now, of course we will choose to go to the hospital and reschedule the meeting with our friend.

  • If we gets lazy when we have to do something, we can boost our mood such as singing, swimming, drawing, eating, and others.

  • If we have already done with our planning, we can give a reward to our selves such as by buying ice cream or others that we like. By doing this, we are motivating our selves to keep the promise and get the reward.

Make a plan. Do the most important first. If you doubt with it, just leave it. If you sure about it, just do it.

By doing the time management we can get some advantages such as: reduce our stress level, help us remain focused on the task, minimize procrastination, greater self-confidence, meeting our goals, augments our productivity, give us a sense of achievment, provide us with 100% commitment to fun activities, and financial rewards.

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