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Have you ever feel bored with your daily activities? I mean you have to meet the same people and stuck in the same places. That’s why you have some favorite places to spend your time well. Such as, the place to quality time with your special someone, the place to support your hobbies or the place to entertain yourself. Now, I will explain you more details about them.

First, the place to quality time with your special someone. You may bring your special someone in your favorite spot. Such as, mall, restaurant, resort, villa, etc. I usually bring my special someone into my favorite restaurant. I prefers to the restaurant which has a natural background and has a good service also. As always, I order a cup of vanilla late and two glasses of ice tea and also gado-gado. In my favorite restaurant, we can request our favorite songs. So, it makes us enjoy our foods. You guys have to bring your special someone into the good and enjoy places. The second one is the place to support your hobbies. There are many places where you can develop your hobbies, it is just depends on your hobbies. Such as, if you are traveler you can go around the city, or if you are an athlete you can go in the fitness area, or maybe if you are a writer you can go in the journalistic shows, etc. My hobby is singing, so I usually go in the studio music or karaoke spot to support my hobby. My last project is making a video music, so it needs a lot of time to finish this project. So, the point is you may chose your priority hobby and find some places to support it. The last one is the place to entertain yourself. You have to find the place which can brings you in a good mood. I suggest you to go in a spot with a vintage background or it has the soft color around them. It will make your body calm and relax your mind. Or you can go in the place which has a great sound. Such as, in a waterfall, you can hear the sound of water and the chirp of some birds. I usually go in the place that it has a history background to entertain myself. Why? Because it makes me learn something in the past and literally it will entertain me.

So we conclude that we can go in our favorite place wherever, whenever and whoever. The important thing is the favorite place can makes you close with your special someone, supports your hobbies and also entertain yourself. So guys, find yours and let’s go there !

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