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Blind Colours Test



The Tester







The Blind Colours Test

When I was thirteen years old, I am in Junior High School. I remembered about the blind colours test that held in the classroom at my school. It was scary and I am shocked when my name called to enter the room. When I came inside the room, I can smell the orange parfume. I look around and I saw the tester who seated in front of the room. The Tester wore a Doctor suite with eyeglasses and his eyes stared at me everytime I walked closer. I seated in front of the tester and his eyes kept stared at me. I was scared, I thought that my eyes will taken out by the tester to test the blind colours, but it’s wrong, the tester took a big red book called isihara from his bag. I still confused, and than the tester open the first page of the book and asked me what the number formed in this colour formation. I had no idea. I thought nobody couldn’t saw this number, but the tester told me that the number is 2, what a joke. I couldn’t saw anything. The tester told me that I have a parsial blind colour. I thought he was only wanted to kidding me because It sounds like an abnormal vision of somebody’s eyes. Then, the tester told me that I have a parsial blind colour it means I couldn’t saw the colour of red and green clearly. Later, I left this room and never saw the tester again. Now, I know I have blind colours.

1. Spatial order expression used :

“ and than the tester..” (incorrect)

“ and the tester..” ( correct)

8 No, do not any sentences begin with there is/ there are.

9 all of the text are complicated

10 Simple sentences : 7 ( line 4 ( sentences after comma))

Compound sentences : 8

Complex sentences : 3

11 Coordination conjuction

And , But.



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