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“An Analysis of Language Game Structure in The Bilingual Program of FITK.” by: Maliikhah ( 143211022



  • Background of The Study

The word “game” is very familiar among people from the young until the old ones. It is recognized that the current existence of game has become one of the necesseties in human life. Game can be used as a mean of recreation or entertainment, even for some people game becomes their professions. From a humanistic perspective, the activity of playing games is a central to our existence as language (Huizinga, 2014). Game is one of most likely a great human creation in human life, witth just began with a simple thought on their mind about a game which succesfully developed to various styles and purposes until right now. As the part of our life, game can not be separated from any aspects of our lifes. Moreover, appear another dicipline study that focus on the study of game itself, like Ludic Linguistic.

Ludic Linguistic, roots from language play for humorous purposes (David Crystal). Everyone plays with language or respond to language play to take some linguistic features to breaking the rules of language with a purposes for fun (David Crystal: University of Wales, Bangor). Crystal stated that Ludic Linguistic is not just a matter of humour or laughter:the notion of enjoyment encompasses much more, and has a range of different function. Ludic Linguistic Approach has focus also on the study about structures, and the concept of patterns and references that introdeced widely in the ludic linguistic context on Ludic Linguistic Approach. This approach attempts to propose a systematic research to apply the concept of patterns and preferences for a Bilingual Program study club game analysis. According to Huizinga, the game components that will construct the formula of the game structures itself is the way the players comprehend the rules and strategies to achieve the goal indicates through the players and the games. In the case of games, Lindley states that the language functioning as a means of communication possesses what is called ludic value (Lindley, 2005) from which language serves as a means of playful purposes, a ludic language (Crystal, 1996). Ludic language adds enjoyment in our lives but it is not only for joke because it has important function, that is language plays as important education. The important relationship of language play is the relationship between players to understand the rules of the games in the used language, and also respond in interaction between players and games in video games, that is the function of ludic linguistic in video games. David Crystal states that language play or ludic linguistic explores a wide range of effects in both spoken and written language (David Crystal, 2007).

Bilingual Program is a program that have been launched by Islamic education and Teachers Training Faculty of IAIN Surakarta for all students of forth semester and six semester in Islamic Education and Teachers Training Faculty. The general purposes of this program is to increase the quality of education institution IAIN Surakarta and to fullfill the needed of globalization era about mastering foreign language in education sector and in workplace area, also as the follow up of the mission development of IAIN Surakarta by Language Development Center of IAIN Surakarta especially in Foreing Language sector. Meanwhile, the main purposes of this program is to improve the ability of non English Major students in the used of English Language on active or passive communication. This program also purposes to mprove the ability of non Arabic Language students in use of Arabic Language in active or passive communication, also to create an active foreign language use (Arabic and English Language) in around Islamic education and Teachers Training Faculty of IAIN Surakarta. this program concern to make sure that all graduates of Islamic Education and Teachers Training Faculty speak English and Arabic actively. This program is run with the club study system which include 10-12 students from different majors and a tutor with the same level with the tutees to deliver the material of the Bilingual Program that have been copied on the book for the tutors. The tutor of the Bilingual Program are selected by the faculty and being controled by the instructof of the Bilingual Program. The tutors are free the way they teach to the tutees as far not across with the material and the purpose of the Bilingual Program itself. The used of game to deliver the material very needed in this program in purpose to get the best formula to teach the tutees, so the purpose of the Bilingual Program can be achieved.

In Bilingual Program games, the structural language domain around the rules and strategies that indicate the presence of game mechanics including language as mechanical (Frasxa,1000,2007; juul, 2001, 2009, 2011) and narratology, viewing any games elements as narratives (Simons, 2007; Sicart, 2011). This ludic interaction signifies that a structural language domain (crystal, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2008, 2011) exist with a specific function among the players and the games itself and that structural language domain is ludic linguistic. The narratives function is to unfold what is the game story and the mechanic function is imply in what the gameplay is. Related to the structures, Aarseth termed anamorphosis and metamorphosis (1997, 2003, 2014). The statues of being a anamorphosis or metamorphosis is how the game narrated and how the games are mechanized (Purnomo) with a different games or different genres. To served he dominan game stryctures of the Bilingual Program,the comparison with another games or reality shows on television which has the same structures and reflect to the gameplay of The Bilingual Program study club itself are used. The television game namely Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?, Happy Family, and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire are selected to analyzed related to the game that the tutors used in Bilingual program.

In the application of the game in Bilingual Program might appear, the television game “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” chosen as the the game which represent and has a similiarities with the game of the Bilingual Program in Islamic Education and Teachers Training Faculty. Assets are fundamentally classified into diegetic and non-diagetic (Mangiron and O’Hagan,2013). In diagetic assets, linguistics units are explicity presented and being implicit in non-diagetic assets. The following table might help the illustration of the relationship with narrative and mechanics representations with the game of the Bilingual Program and and television game Who Wants To Be A Millionaire as the examples:


Stage of The









Tebak- tebakan






Fastest Fingers






Patterns, as the rules refer to the structures embodying and distinguishing each assets in relationship while preferences refer to the players or in this case is the tutors in the way they play the game. This condition signifies that narrative and mechanics are structurally present in the assets embodied by language use. In anamorphosis, the linguistic units function as hint or clue. By serving hints or clues, the implied meaning can concealed by the players. In metamorphosis, as opposed from anamorphosis, the meaning is literally exposed and thus easing the players in configuring the preferences in game mechanic. While mneumoniac symbiosis indicates a complementing linearity between what is said and what is seen.

Game is not just game to play. By knowing the game structure of the game that we play we can know what patterns that might be appear, and we can know what the meaning of it’s patterns. From the statement above, the purpose of this research is to identify what game structres might be dominantly found on the game of Bilingual Program by seeing and identofying the structure and to connect what does the dominant game structures imply in the purposes of the Bilingual Program. Because when language is used, there is always something else going on. To know the dominant game structures from sees the structure through the analyzinggame structues of the Bilingual Program and relate it to what dominantly game structures imply the Bilingual Program purposes, this study will be attempt the analyzes about the game structures entitled “An Analysis of Language Game Structure in The Bilingual Program of FITK.”

  • Formulation of the Research Problems

Related to the backgrounds of the study above, the formulation of the problems are:

  1. What games structures are dominantly found in the Bilingual Program?

  2. What does the dominantly game structure imply in relation to the purposes ofBilingual Program?

  • Purpose of the Study

In the line with the research problems above the purpose of this study:

  1. o identify the game structure on Bilingual Program

  2. To find out the function of game structures that appear on the Bilingual Program

  3. To find the dominant game structures that imply to the purposes of the Bilingual Program

  • Significance of the Study

This study is expected to explore the study of English especially in structure to help more understanding the functions, meanings or messages in games. Based on this study, it will give us the knowledge about how the structures build the functions, meanings adn messages.

  • Practically

It is hoped that the research findings of the study will give benefit to:

  1. Writer

The study is a very significant and useful to improve the writer’s knowledge in understanding about game structures that build on the game, especially in the game structure of the Bilingual Program with it’s functions, meaning, and message that interesting to learn about. It will give some valuable experiences and it can be used for the preparation of the tutrors or teachers to find out the best formula to deliver materials to tutees or students.

  1. Reader

This study makes every one more knows and understands about game structures that exist in a game. By learning and knowing what game structures are, we can find the functions of its or we can reach the hidden meaning that the games have by knowing the game structure of the game

  • Scope and Limitation of the Study

Based on the background of the problem statement above, the writer specifies about Analysis of ludic interaction on the structural language domain that indicate patterns and presence of game mechanics and narrative to analyze of the Bilingual Game structures.


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