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The Garden, a poem by Wrahastika Runtia P.

The Garden

By: Wrahastika Runtia P.

The frosty air thrust into the skin

On the blink of boredom, desperate I

Step by step, walked I

My journey began

The softness of green under my feet seduced me

Step by step, walked I

The beauty smiled at me

She offered the cure of dullness

In this garden grew the flowers of wonders

The frore air swept the skin, shivered I

The beauty handed me the cure

Chose , chose the cure

Picked, picked the flower

Hellebore , Oh what an allurement!

The blackness of Hellebore stroked me

Touched , I , The Hellborne

The excitement tingle in my skin

A frigid wind still strong

But I no longer trembling

Grasped, I , The Hellborne

The cure is in the hand of mine

Hurled, I , The Hellborne

The flower shattered, fall into the pond

It’s exiting

I can not take my eyes of the cure

My eyes was locked on Hellborne

Two Hellborne floating in water

Like some deadly black eyes glare at me

Like the hellbourne turn into some hellish creature

The cold wind no longer bother me

Still, I am trembling again

not for the cold wind, though

Fears wrapped its hand on my body

Slowly creep into my mind,

Crawl into my gut

The two Hellborne blink it’s petals

It’s was no longer mere flowers

It’s become a pair of black yelowish eyes of nasty creature

Watched, I, In horror

The creature emerged from the water

It’s eyes locked on me

Screamed, I

Stare, I, the monster

It’s terrifying

But it’s better

Anything better than the sick of boredom

Slowly it’s aproached me

My legs were frozen

shattered, i

Then darkness consumed me

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