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A Student of the English Letters won 1st place in the Creative Video Competition

One of the students of the English Letters, Faculty of Adab and Language, State Islamic University of Raden Mas Said Surakarta, once again won an achievement by winning the National Creative Video Competition with the theme "Water is Our Life" organized by the Regional Public Water Company of Surakarta City (PDAM) in the framework of the 45th Anniversary of the Surakarta City Drinking Water Perumda. His name is Muhammad Gana Wirawanda. Gana is a student of English Letters since 2016. He has just graduated from State Islamic University of Raden Mas Said Surakarta this year.

Before winning this competition, Muhammmad Gana Wirawanda had also won an achievement by participating in a museum creative video competition held by BPKRI. Muhammad Gana Wirawanda and team apply a creative video with a duration of 5 minutes entitled “The Museum Is Us”. That video is decided by the jury as the 1st winner.

Announced on August 19, 2021, Muhammad Gana Wirawanda won first place in the general/student category by submitting his 1-minute creative video entitled “Water is Our Life”. Muhammad Gana Wirawanda explains that one of the reasons he chose the theme is “As the younger generation, it is our duty to preserve and also protect nature that has been created as beautiful and as good as possible for us, for example water. Water is a natural resource that is very important in life after air. Water is a basic need that is very important for the survival of living things. (19/08/2021)

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