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April 2019, English Letters' Month

SASTRATSUKI-English Literature Study Program of Culture and Languages Faculty re-enlivened this April with four grand activities, namely Practices of Creative Writing Skills, Annual Competition for English Students (ACES), guest lecturer lectures, and English Festival Drama ‘FAIRY TALE’.

This year, Creative Writing Skills Practice was approved in content writing with Content Writing, Effective Writing as the theme. Guided by Mr. Fathi Abdullah Mansur, the 6th-semester students of English Letters study for 11 days from April 15 until 26 to make a digital short story that would be polished read in such a way as to be monetized.

ACES, the inter-level English Letters student competition organized by the English Letters Student Association, began on April 22-24. The competition competed at ACES is a creative extension of three courses, namely Intermediate Integrated English (Speaking) with G-Maps based Descriptions, Integrated English with Islamic Broadcasting, and Entrepreneurship Competitions with Studentrepeneur. In addition to competitions, ACES is also collected by PREPOSITION (Pre-Proposal Seminar Presentation), a parallel seminar showcase 6th-semester students in presenting their thesis proposal before they discuss the seminar proposal.

In the evening, English Literature assisted by LSO Tentacle held an annual drama festival FAIRY TALE XIII: Mist. This festival presents six shows with three titles. This event will be held from April 22-30 with a break on April 27 and 28. On April 30, a FAIRY TALE Award was held, an arena of appreciation for drama presenters and those who had been approved in ACES. (Source: Oyaji)

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