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Comparative Study With EDCOM

Together with EDCOM (English Department Community), The Association of English Letters Department students of IAIN Surakarta or commonly known as HMPS SI held an online comparative study program through Google Meet.

The event that had been planned in advance was finally carried out on Tuesday, August 4, 2020. Led by the moderator, Alviansyah from HMPS SI IAIN Surakarta, the event ran for 2 hours, from 3 to 5 p.m.

The meeting that went quite smoothly was filled with presentations by each organization about the vision, mission, and work programs. The presentation was delivered by one of the representatives from the two student associations, preceded by the Head of HMPS SI IAIN Surakarta, Dian Novita. Then from EDCOM by Nisman Faqih as Vice President of EDCOM UNS.

Subsequently, the event moved to a question and answer session and a discussion session on the constraints and solutions of organizations, either before the pandemic or after the pandemic. The event, which is also part of EDCOM's routine activities to build relationships between English literary organizations, namely EDCOM Wings, was closed with the submission of award certificates by each association. With the holding of this comparative study program, it is hoped that each association will be able to form a better organizational structure and forge better relationships in the future.

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