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Congratz for the Champs! 

SASTRATSUKI-ACES competition results were officially declared on Friday 22 July 2016 in Graha IAIN Surakarta. Speaking Material based Visual Novel competition saw Team Zubair, Team Eka, and Team Yuntari as the champion, runner up, and third place. Visual Novel-SPARRING competitions recognized Team Harum, Team Shi, and Team Resita as the first, second, and third winners. Meanwhile English Debate hailed Team Taufi raised their champion trophy with Team Khusnul and Team Wulan on the second and third place. In the awarding ceremony, Lilik Untari as the head of ACES committee said that the primary aim of ACES is to forge competitive mentality from the students and to develop soft skills in English scopes. Thereby winning or losing are not of importance. The courage to be competitive is what ACES is all about.  (Oyaji)

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