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Congratz! The Winners of ACES 2019

MEDIA-As we know, ACES had three different competitions for every semester of English Letters Students. The first competition is G-Maps Description Competitions for the student of 2nd-semester, and there are the winners: 1. Kamila Yasmine Kusuma. 2. Muhammad Ardita Hafidh Zain. 3. Sastila Calista Sumbayak. The second competition is News Anchor for students of 4th-semester, this is a group competition with three or four members of each group. The winners are: 1. Siti, Ahda, and Diah. 2. Febrilita, Riski, and Afifah. 3. Fidella, Faiz, Laily, and Riski. 3. Malvin,  Ara, and Affina. The last is Pre-Preposition for students of 6th-semester and every mainstream have their big best three as the winners of these competitions. The winners from Literature Mainstream are: 1. Abdul Mughni Hammami Faiz. 2. Reza Aulia. 3. Ismi Fauziah. The winners from Translation Mainstream are: 1. Winarsih. 2. Qory Khoirun Ni'mah. 3. Nafira Ayuningtyas The winners from Linguistic Mainstream are: 1. Maulana Mahardhika. 2. Suci Oktaviana. 3. Yuanita Kusuma Murti. Congrats to all the winners! You really deserved it and have done a great job. Hats off!

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