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Dies Natalis English Literature UIN Raden Mas Said

Updated: Jan 10

Sukoharjo (03/07) Dies Natalis is a regular activity carried out every year by the students of UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta. The activity was carried out to celebrate the birthday of the English literature study program. We held a number of events, such as: watching English literature students' films together, application presentation, and concerts. The films we saw were those from student assignments, that took the mainstream literature. We saw the films at night in the P2B building. The films presented are of various genres, such as: horror, comedy, romance, and others. We really enjoyed our 2 hours to see these awesome movies.

The next events is application presentation from 2nd semester students, which we called Velvet. In this event, students presented applications that they made through the Figma website, to fulfill their digital literacy course assignments. They are very competitive in making the application. For example, from class 2C who made an application to find charity activities, called Hompimpa. This application is very important in this era, because we can get more information, so we can become volunteers at various charity events.

And the last (closing) show was a very lively music concert. This concert presents several genres of music, such as: pop, indie rock, and dangdut. Lots of people participated to enjoy the music in this anniversary concert. Not only UIN Raden Mas Said students, but there were a lot of young people who came to see this very lively music concert. This event ran smoothly and there was no violence action at all. We stick to security protocols to keep the situation safe and under control.

Apart from celebrating the anniversary of English literature, we also hold Dies Natalis every year to achieve togetherness with all students and lecturers. We know that this event is far from perfect, and in the future we will learn and make this event even better that will create impressions and memories for all residents in UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta.

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