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English Literature Student of IAIN Surakarta Won National Short Film Competition

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

SURAKARTA-Reva, English Literature Student of the State of Islamic Institute of Surakarta got achievement once again in the short movie competition held by the Ministry of Social Affairs (Ministry of Social Affairs) with the Education, Research and Social Counseling Agency (Badiklat Pensos) under the theme "New Normal Versiku". This competition was held on 11-20 June 2020.

On Friday (17/7) the Instagram account of Badiklit Pensos announced the winners of the competition. By adding education about the health protocols that must be considered when the new normal era, "Sumringah", The title of the short movie by Reva Alfi Trianto and the team succeed to be in the 10 best movies. The movie adapted the positive impacts of new normal prevailing on the economy of society.

The Indonesian government has run a new normal policy as the replacement of the previous policy, namely Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) to face the Covid-19 pandemic. The new normal is an attempt to let society do their activities as usual by doing several health protocols. Therefore, to support the policy, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Badiklat Pensos held this short movie competition and all at once also to provide the information about what is the real meaning of new normal.

"Alhamdulillah, I got an award as the 10 best movies and hopefully society can learn about how to do activities in the new normal era by always prioritizing the prevailing health protocols," said Reva when he was asked about his motivation for participating in the competition. His intelligence in seeing opportunities can also be used as an example for young people, especially students to not stop working even in the Covid-19 pandemic. (Sanjaya / WMM / MSI)

Source: (Translate by Desi Rahmawati)

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