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English Literature Talkshow : Literature or Linguistic?

Updated: Apr 1

Sukoharjo (25/02) – 5th Semester confused about choosing a major? TALK SHOW ONLY. The 2023 English Literature Student Association The Amerta Cabinet held a Talkshow on English Literature majors on Saturday, 25 February 2023 which took place in the Ormawa room of the Faculty of Culture and Language. This talkshow was conducted with a number of presentations regarding English Literature majors that students would take in the 5th semester later. This talk show is filled by presenters who are indeed reliable in their fields. There is a field of linguistics studied by Mr. Robith Khoiril Umam, S.S., M.Hum. and Literature with Mrs. Shabrina AN Adzhani, S.S.M.A. This talk show activity is a work program for HMPS SI, especially the Culture and Literature Division.

Deciding the mainstream with what you want to live is something that has to be answered. There is a marker that should help you choose the one that suits you best. Know what skills you already know, as well as the skills you have mastered. This will help you determine your direction field of linguistics. Most in this field study the meaning, structure, and how language is conveyed. You will learn many things in this field of linguistics such as understanding pragmatics, semantics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and so on. Meanwhile, in the field of literature, we will talk a lot about pop cultures, such as films, songs, and other literary works. In this field, the focus will be on the values ​​behind literary works, for example, cultural background, environmental habits, and so on.

This majors talk show is one of the interesting and important activities to hold, considering that this talk show is aimed at 4th semester students who will soon choose departments in 5th semster. Of course, this talk show aims to provide additional education for 4th semseter students to find out more about the majors that must be determined in the 5th semseter later. This talk show is also very interesting and is expected to help choose the right path when majors are made. Another interesting thing about this talk show is that we can also find out our passion according to the field of study which has been divided into linguistics and literature.

It is hoped that this talk show activity can become a gold dish and a bright spot for 4th semester students who will choose majors in the next few months. Choose your fighter, don't regret it and hopefully it will be useful for the future.

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