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Enhancing Students’ Professional Skills through Internship Program

Fifth semester students of English Letters Department, UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta had an internship program on September, 2021. The program was designed to enhance the students’ knowledge about professional environment and give them insight and experience of the skills they need.

This year’s internship program is held in two places, Solo Pos and Mangkunegaran museum. The students were divided into two groups based on the location they choose. “I am interested in journalism, so I went for Solo Pos,” said Asyidah Hayati, one of the internship participants.

“We visited Solo Pos and were guided to witness the process of how a news is selected, then edited, till the newspaper is printed,” explained another participant, Alviansyah. They learned the long process of journalism from the professionals and were inspired by the short internship.

The other location is Mangkunegaran, one of palaces at Surakarta which has museum and becomes tourist site. Students learned about the history of Kasunanan Surakarta, symbolical meaning of the heritage, and historical background of the city.

“This non-academic program helps me understand more about a culture in Surakarta, and the way the tour guide explained things was something I could learn,” explained Sheila, one of fifth semester students. “I was so excited because I did not only learn about new culture, because I am not from Solo, but also communication skill”, she added.

Fifteen people joined the internship program in Mangkunegaran palace and assisted by Mr. Zaenal Muttaqien

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