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Inauguration of Student Organizations, Faculty of Adab and Language UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta

On January 10, 2021, the Dean of the Adab and Language faculty with the Head of the Study Program inaugurated Ormawa administrators at the Graha Building of UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Dean, Head of the study program and students who will be inaugurated.

There are 237 Ormawa administrators who will be sworn in the event. At the opening, the Dean of the Adab and Language faculty asked the Ormawa management to be serious in organizing because in Ormawa there was a lot of experience and knowledge to be gained. He also asked to improve the development of students' talents and creativity, especially the arts of Maghom and Qiroa'at.

Prior to the inauguration of the ormawa management, an election for the chairman of SEMA, DEMA, and HMPS was held in the Hall Building of the Faculty of Adab and Language on 17-18 December 2021. Here the results of the decisions:

Head of SEMA : Diefa Oktavia Putra, with 5 expert staff representing each study program.

Head of DEMA : Nita Rifdah Salsa Nisrina

Head of HMPS English Literature : Irawan

Head of HMPS English Education : Isnaeni Hidayanti

Head of HMPS History of Islamic Civilization : Arya Bagus Ajiyanto

Head of HMPS Tadris Indonesian: Alif Nur Khayati

Head of HMPS Arabic Language and Literature : Hidayat Amiga Santoso

The selection of SEMA is carried out by an election mechanism. An active student can directly choose the desired candidate in each respective study program. In the contrary, the selection of DEMA and HMPS is carried out with a limited selection mechanism. Students who will vote must register themselves first as part of the DPT. SEMA and DEMA were inaugurated directly by the dean of the Adab and Language faculty, while HPMS was inaugurated by the Head of their respective Study Programs.

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