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Intellectual Property Workshop

SASTRATSUKI-On 21 November 2016 English Letters IAIN Surakarta invited Dr. Dedi Sualeman, M.Hum. from English Letters UIN Bandung to discuss and assist the lecturers at FITK in registering their creative works for an Intellectual Property (IP/Hak Atas Kekayaan Intelektual). In the occasion, Pak Dedi explained the necessity for every lecturer to register their works for an IP to secure their works from legal problems as plagiarism. He added that having an IP would benefit greatly to the holders especially for lecturers as they will gain several institutional privileges. For study programs, IP will help them with good points for accreditation. Four creative works by the lecturers and students of English Letters namely Yue, MAKTUM, SABARUCI, and peer learning model for bilingual program are registered for IP. Hopefully those four creative works by English Letters IAIN Surakarta will be officially IPed. (Oyaji)

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