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Junk Food Brings Diseases

MEDIA-We are very familiar with the term of “junk food”, commonly is known by many people as fast food or instant food. It is easily found in various places around our home or town. Most of people like consuming junk food, and they can not avoid to consume it in everyday life because the taste is tasty and practical. However, I believe that junk food is not good to consume. It only contains a little nutrient or even no nutrient at all. Whereas our body need sufficient nutrient. Consuming junk food in long-term or too often will bring deseases to our body. There are some facts about junk food that I know.

The first, it has high sugar content. For example, chocolate, soda, biscuit, ice cream and many more. Everyone likes sweet taste, but sugar has its own disadvantages like too much sugar can trigger a lot of tooth problems like toothache. In addition, people could suffer from diabetes.

The second, it contains high salt. Not surprisingly, many children and adolescents today are experiencing high blood pressure or hypertension at a young age. Junk food that contains high salt namely, potato chips, Taro, instant noodle, etc.

The third, junk food also contains high fat. If we consume junk food too often we will gain overweight and then leading to obesity. It also can trigger many problems related to the heart.

Based on the facts about junk food above, it is very clear that actually junk food is not good for our health. Actually, we are allowed to consume junk food. But, don’t consume it too often or we better avoid it because we know that junk food only has a little nutrient for our body and brings some diseases.


Written by Nining Furwati

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