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Photo Session of FAIRY TALE X

SASTRATSUKI-Tens of students crowded E lobby FITK on Saturday morning 16 April 2016. Fourteen directors from thirteen classes of English Letters and English Education along with their actresses and actors attended the first phase of FAIRY TALE X promotional sessions, a photo session. With a full assistance from Tentacle, FITK's English drama club, the actors and actresses had to walk through three photographing phases. They had to perform the session in solo, pair, and group. The photo taking session was wrapped based on FAIRY TALE X's theme, La Famiglia (the family), said Imam Septianto, the chief of FAIRY TALE X. The next rounds of promotional sessions would be teaser production that would take place on 23 April 2016 and live ticket sale from 16 May-2 June 2016, explained Aprilia Arta Rini, the chief of Tentacle. The English drama festival itself would hit the stage from 20 May-4 June 2016.  


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