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Rise Your Future with "Hooked and Hired IV"

Wednesday (31/5) English Literature Program of Raden Mas Said State Islamic University Surakarta held an annual event called Hooked and Hired. This is the third time they held the event. The event lasted for three days, from May 29th to May 31st, done online via Zoom, with six wonderful speakers, all graduates of English Letters ranging from the year of 2015 to 2022.

With the active English Letter’s students as the audiences, this event was purposed to provide information to students about job prospects in the English Literature program and to provide an overview and inspiration for them, so that students could gain motivation for their future, especially after graduating from campus.

During those three days (29-31 May 2023), Hooked and Hired went smoothly despite being conducted online due to scheduling and location constraints for the speakers. Various theme from the speaker’s occupation was discussed throughout the event. They shared their job as a Customer Service, SEO Specialist, Reporter, Customer Support, Language Researcher, and even Marketing Expert. With that, students gained every material from dealing with customers to knowing the world of SEO.

The speakers didn’t just describe their occupation but also shared their experiences about their college life, and give inspiration and is hoped to give birth of more great graduates in the future.

Author : Alviatun Rizqi Eka Fitriana (216111043) Dzulfikar Hanif (216111045) Zahra setia putri (216111049) Samita Dipta Semesta Damar Putra(216111055) Lu'lu'a (216111060)

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